Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tales from Kenwah, Scenario 2: The Best Revenge is Blood Revenge

After the total humiliation at Rustville, the Izwahrian leader Erzah has put a bounty on the head of the surviving members of the Brotherhood of The Void. At the same time they have sent agents out to investigate the precise connection between the robbery and the brotherhood. Something does not add up - how can the apparently chronically chemically empty minded brothers scheme for such a cunning plan? Someone is bound to have given them assistance.

Bountyhunters and soldiers of fortune are found in abundance within the Imperial boundaries, but the Izwahrians are - perhaps wisely - inherently sceptic towards members of the human race. Therefore, the assignment of liquidating the brothers has gone to a more gruesome scare of Bearusskians. They have been hanging out on Kenwah for the last couple of months. The leader Pietr P'ly is completely ruthless when it comes to achieving his goals.

The Brotherhoods' drug habits have made it an easy job for P'ly's men,  through local drug dealers, to locate the brothers' hideout and beat the remaining details about Juhanni The Cat out of the few guards that were left.

P'ly has sent a group of 4 of his Bearussikian assassins out to measure out revenge and in the cover of early morning they attack Juhanni's hideout on a seemingly peaceful algae farm.    

Juhanni is surrounded by his henchmen in the form of space pirates, players, adventurers and whatever else might be found in the corners. 

Bearusskian goals: 1: Assasinate Juhanni The Cat 2: Save or Destroy the Super-1 benzene.

The algae farms breathes peace and quiet in the early morning. 

Still with sleep in their eyes,  Juhanni's henchmen are shaking off last night's booze and guarding the perimeter. 
 Unbeknownst to them, the Bearusskian mercenaries start their approach. 

Ducking out of cover they have the compound encircled
Armed with deadly soundless they'll make short business of the henchmen
Juhanni and his men are preparing for another day with new hustles and new endeavours
Given his instructions to the henchmen Juhanni wonders what this day has to offer? Another success?
Gene Stealer scents an unfamiliar smell on the air? Perhaps Rustville is burning again?
Juhanni's pet monster, am umberhulk is roaring it's morning roar. Waiting for breakfast. 
Iron Trooper and Gildor the Unbereaved are starting their guard routes
Suddenly the camp is in disarray! Bullets start falling,  along with needles from a needle gun. 
 The henchmen run around the yard trying to find cover from the unknown enemy
Experiment 666 stays close to Juhanni to protect him
Using his acute sense of smell, Gene Stealer hunts down a Bearusskian.
 The assassin swiftly takes him out of operating
Doom Guy runs to aid Gene but is equally gunned down
Juhanni starts feeling the heat and gets going
Iron Trooper is about to be neutralized without even hearing the shot 
The umber hulk confuses the assassin with breakfast... meaning the end of the assassin
Juhanni and few henchmen are now remaining
A sneaky Bearusskian trains him aim on the back of Juhanni but misses
Iron Trooper is taken out... two of the Bearusskians have bitten the dust
With perfect aim the Bearusskian readies to finish the job...

... but the umberhulk is not done breakfasting! The lure of sustenance is too strong!
 Juhanni is saved by the bell and lives to fight another day. 

The Bearusskian mercenaries all end their fluff stuffed lives at the farm. 

Tales from Kenwah: Scenario 1: A Thief in The Night

Together with fellow oldschool fan Martin (check his blog: Shamutantis I have started playing a Rogue Trader skirmish campaign set on the world of Kenwah.

Among the many religious sects of the planet Kenwah is a small cult known as the Brotherhood of the Void. The Brotherhood worships the Universe as an all consuming power. Their aim is to become one with the great dissolution. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to use copious amounts of drugs.

Meanwhile, the brotherhood plans to assist in fast forwarding the great dissolution by filling the water supply to Hunger City with euphoric narcotics. But to approach this goal the brothers are in dire needs of cash. 

A petty middle going by the name Juhanni The Cat, has hence hired the brothers to steal a truck with Super-1 benzyn. What Juhanni has failed to mention is that the truck is currently being held by a group of Izwahrian guerillas. The Izwahrians are the natives of the planet and live in small settlements at the outskirts of Rust City.

The brothers arrive at the dusk as the Iskwarians are throwing a serious party.  Occasionally an Iskwarian goes outside to loose a bit of weight but other than that only a few dogs guard the Super One.

Aim of the Brotherhood: Get the truck off table with as many survivors as possible.
Aim of the Izwahrians: Stop the brotherhood... 

Special circumstances:

Everything is peace and quiet when the brothers arrive. The guard dogs will move randomly each turn (1d6 - 1-3 the dog stands still, 4-6 the dog moves in a random direction). 

Two mechanics working in the compound will also alarm the Izwahrians if they are alerted. 

If the Izwahrians in the house next to the compound will hear any noise on a d10 roll of 10. Roll at the start of the Izwahrian turn. Cars add +2 to the die roll, shots add +2, yells +1, barking +1, extreme noise +5. Close combat always gives +1. On a roll of 1 the noise is always ignored. Every 5th turn and Izwahrian goes out to take a leak. He will return to the house again next turn. 

The brothers have been supplied by Juhanni with to silencers for bolt or las guns. They reduce the distance with 2'' but makes the shot completely silenced.  In addition they have been given two sets of cutters, that can cut over the fences. Finally the brothers have themselves stolen a minibus that is capable of hauling the trailer. It takes one turn to secure the trailer. 

 The layout of the battleground. The brothers were approaching from the "west" side in the image while the Iskwarians were partying in the little shed at the north.  The tank was located to at the extreme north east corner. In order to get to it the brothers had to cross almost the entire table without being detected by hounds or Iskwarians.

The borthers were many and utterly deranged. The only miniature that wasn't a psychedelic drug infused monk was a strange being formless being from outer space (at the back). All the figures are converted by Martin from medivael monks. 

 The Iskwarian natives. A lizard like species native of the planet. They were apparently busy partying when the brothers forced their way into the compound.

 Initially the brothers were undetected and I chose to push forward the car with the engine off to avoid detection.
At a nearby garage a couple of scumbags (or mechanics) were looking for trouble. Or guarding the premises.
The guard dogs were roaming within the grounds of the garage. The hounds moved at random... and it really was quite random. They seemed completely oblivous to the approaching intruders.

After having pushed their vehicle as far as they could the brothers started to come loose. 

In turn they started scaling the fences of the garage enclosure. The guard dogs quickly caught on tho...

The formless space spawn was equppied (as the only reasonably competent member of the crew) with a pair of cutters that could cut through the fence.  This way the creature slowly cut through most of the fence to allow the car to enter.
A lone Iskwarian came out to let his beer go.
All of the brothers were now engaged in the pursuit of the tanker. The plans started going south... fast! The Iskwarians were eventually alerted by the glams of the dogs. And the horrendous shrieking sounds of the brothers as they were bitten and torn to shreds.

An especially cunning lasgun wielding brother took position behind cover to get the best shot at the Iskwarians as they exited their compound. The car had now been started and was going straight for the fence. 

A different view of the sniper lanes. 

Untill the formless thing joined the fray it actually seemed like the dogs would overpower the poor brothers. 

The Iskwarians started storming out of the building and the brothers fired grenades and laser on their ass but to little avail. The Iswarians on the other hand were shooting deadly - taking out brothers like a shooting gallery

The car had gone through the fence and was motored into position to hook up the tank trailer. Now all it had to do was survive going through the fence and out the other side. 

The brothers succeeded in overpowering the dogs and the dreggs that were standing in the garage.
On the other side of the board things didn't look as good. The brothers were falling victim to the dead eyed shooting of the drunk Iskwarians (I think we should have added a penalty here!)

The tank trailer was hooked up proper and the vehicle started motioning forward.

The car went through the fence but had to roll for control and rolled "out of control" - luckily it continued slightly to the left while going straight ahead. We ruled it a win for the brothers as they ran off with the Super One chemicals even though the truck was damaged and most of the brotehrs were dead.

It was fascinating to play a proper game of Rogue Trader. The rules are very old, and it feels a bit like it, but it has a nice feelign still. I like the plethora of detail in the book and I think it is nice to have rules for this and that for change. Most of my recent games have been with quite simple rules. 

Do or Dice 2019

I went to Germany over the weekend to participate in a bike run and also, as it turns out, a gaming convention called Do or Dice. 

The convention was a nice size with about 20 games and 100 persons. 

At the place there was the possibility of buying sausages, coffee and cake. A nice selection of miniatures by Front Line games and a bring and buy in the usual very orderly German fashion (lists and codes for everything).

Adeptus Titancius 2019 style

Fall Out Wasteland Warfare

Star Wars

Star Trek

Gas Lands

Mutants and Death Ray Guns/Necromunda

Classic Dungeon Crawl

Classic miniatures always catch my attention

I was fortunate enough to partake in a game of Fall Out Wasteland Warfare under the watchful eye of Toby (Green Knight from Lead Adventure). It was an interesting game I think.

I much like the rules, although it falls in the modern ditch of having lots of special dice/tokens/rulers and so on. To me what stood out, was how well it felt like the actual Fall Out. The character cards gave me a nice vibe and even though I hit absolutely nothing and my Mr. Handy Buzzsaw was worthless I thought highly of the setup.

Only down point was that we were 5 players vs. the super moootants and the game bogged down somewhat due to the usual lack of attention that befalls most gamers under such circumstances.

Super mutatnts - initially unaware of the approaching scavengers

I played a Robot butler character and decided to go to the very end of the board in order to attempt noise making and drawing out the super mutants. 

We had only 7 turns to reahch inside the Red Rocket and access a terminal with vital information. 

As luck would have it we located the password for the terminal in a cooler box (WTF!) outside the Rocket. 

The place was littered with Nuka Cola. Fortunate, as they instilled our heroes with power and extra fortune... during the game

Thanks to Björn (Driscoles) and co workers for making Do or Dice possible. I will make sure to return next year, perhaps even with a game.