Tuesday, November 23, 2004

That time of year...

Well once again I find my self going from one place to another with no real point to it... I probably won't get much painting or playing done once I'm off..

It's only three months since our last move, making it the third this year!

I won't have internet in the place I'm moving to and there's no epic players there either as Warmachine has been a big hit,.. The appartment we're moving to is only 58 square metres, so I've promised that I won't bring along my minis.. except for one case of already painted ones.

So it'll probably be an interesting time for me. I'll have to learn to do other things.. things like going to the town to have a cup of coffee and speak intellectually with other halfbald people. NAAAAAAH! I'll just buy packs of stuff and store them on the roof until we get a bigger place! HAH!

With the baby coming this summer we hope to find a house or something up in the area around Århus but I just don't know if it's possible.

Well - till next time - may the dice be with you!

Yours truly,

Thorbjørn Nielsen

Monday, November 22, 2004

Jail House Rork

Today I've started building an Ork Jailhouse!

Not much to say really.. this orkitekturing is mostly just "glue.. wait.. glue... wait.. paint.. wait.. paint more... wait more!"

Click the picture for a larger version.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Da Boss Fort

I've started construction on an even bigger ork building now!

It's da bosses fort.

I've included a mock up of how I'm going to expand on the building.
There will be guns all over it of course and it'll probably get even more glyphs too.
After all it IS a Bad Moon living there and there's no Bad Moon glyphs yet!

It's quite big compared to the normal ork house I made.. actualyl I'd say the house is more of a hut now that I've build the fort!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Chaos Slavers

During the last few days I've had an idea for a new armylist for 40K I wanna do.

It's called The Chaos Slavers and is basically a chaos warband with a lot of ork, eldar and human slaves to act as meat shields.

So today after getting thoroughly beat by Spicker in Epic (I played Space Marines - kind of like sleeping with the enemy! Except it being more like a rape... I HATE SM!)

So far I've written ver. 1.0 of the list and it looks like this:


Chaos Lord
Chaos Chosen

Mutated Slaves

1.Enslaved Species - Squad consist of a number of Chaos Warriors nudging around either Ork, Eldar or Human slaves.
2.Grot Slaves as in codex orks
3.Warriors of Chaos - as in codex chaos but with no marks allowed.

Fast Attack:
Ork Beast Boyz - same as ork boar boyz
Scavenged Sentinel - sentinel but may use 40pts worth of chaos upgrades
Chaos Raptors - the same as in...

Heavy Support:
Restrained Alien Monster - a bit like the goblin fanatic in fantasy.. only monstrous size and a lot less predictable
Ork Livestock: Squigs, Boarz, Snotlings and Squiggoths - Ork use all of nature in their warfare!
Chaos Defiler: How can it be chaos if this ain't in it?

The whole list with descriptions is actually done and ready to load up,.. but I haven't really got a place to do it.. so I'll just leave it be! :-)

Thursday, November 18, 2004


This is an Ork house I've made for a campaign I'm having with some friends in a couple of days. An eldar wraith gate is also on the menu... The house is one of two and took almost no time to paint or assemble. I'm eventually gonna do an entire settlement of this standard.

Other than that the latest news is that me and the mrs is going to move from the town of Oksbøl back to Århus and the appartment we have there. Our financial situation calls for something drastic and the possibilities here seem rather limited.

Of course this is both good and bad.

Bad because I really had something going with my hobby down here, especially the Epic part and good because I'll get closer to my relatives and some of my older friends. In the end it'll be a lot easier on the both of us.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Gorgants Nose Tribe! WFRP Goblings!

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play - the best roleplaying system and world I've ever played in/with.

These gobbos are meant to participate in a campaign we're playing at the moment. So far the players have travelled over the Worlds Edge Mountains down south near the Plain of Bones.

The land just before the plains is like a minefield with orcoid settlements and the players moved through the landscape very carefully! They judgeg that sneaking past a distinctively goblin settlement would be the most lifesparing plan.. unfortunantly they were a bit too enthusiastic about the whole thing and overrated their own battle prowes!

A swirling melee later and they had all been taken captives by the Gorgant Nose Tribe.

The gobbos in the picture are all from this very tribe. They are meant to capture the very dark and gothic look of the WFRP world.. well - the real warhammer world if you ask somebody like me. The one where Karl Franz is a big phony and a cover-up and nothing like the High Fantasy world portrayed in the miniatures game (which is a great game in fact.. but the background is not nearely as intrigueing as the role play!)

Further more I've tried to use a lot of different goblings as I think that the current GW range is a bit too uniform.. they all have the same faces and generally look nothing like the old Kev Adams models which I really love (and constantly seach for on ebay)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Playtesting the Mechanical Adepts!

This weekend offered some playtesting on the Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions list. This time I would take control of the titans against Spickers Imperial Guard. I proved to be a difficult task to rout the Imperials and it ended in a tie break, which was then solved by Victory Points to my advantage.

We also managed to sneak in a game of my feral orks against Spicker IG. I won the game rather sound,... and again I have to wonder about why those squiggoths and orkeosaurus are so cheap! It's insane! My squig catapults were quite alright also... although I must admit I was rather shocked when I noticed their range... 45 cm is not that much, but I guess shooting with ancient technology you shouldn't get your hopes up.. hehe!
Anyway it felt like a complete walkthrough so I've promised Spicker to borrow him some more artillery for coming games.

Besides gaming I also got around to do some trading! I've swapped all my warmaster dwarfs for warmaster undead so I got up to 1750 points of undead! Wehoo!!! :-)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Hehe... this is a picture of my newest conversion - work in progress! It's of course a 100% homemade conversion using parts from both me and my wife...

Don't know what'll be yet and I'm not to sure how to paint it either! Preferebly green so It'll go along with my orks! :-)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Warrior Weekend and New buns in the oven!

It has been an exciting weekend with lots of gaming!

Firstly I played Mikkel's Slaanesh Gothic Fleet and beat the living crap out of him with my orks!! Hahaha.. well anyway - I thought it was a fun game and it was totally decided by my lucky dice rolls and Mikkel completely selective memory of his own ships abilities!

Secondly I played my new arch enemy nr. 1: Spicker!
This time we did some playtesting for the Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions list.
Spicker would command the Adeptus while I would try to overrun him with my psychopatic speed freaks!!!

We played two games... I won the first 2-0 and lost the second 0-3! So appantly the armies were quite good matched. I did have a lot of good dice rolls in the first game.. at least for my saves - my shooting was miserable in both games.. but after all the shooting's just meant to lay of some BM's until you get into engage distance! Having 15 activations was a lot of fun!

Memo to myself: Never engage warlord titans in closecombat!

Finally here's the thing I'll be throwing myself at: more squiggoths! I thought it was finally time I did something about the paintjob of these beast.. although I do like that silvery look!! Hehe!

I'll be adding lots of bitz and gubbinz to the two big 'unz so they'll get the proper weapons displayed and match the Orkeosaurus profile.

Friday, November 05, 2004

The Goffish

Yes here we are - the show goes on!

At some point in my life I'd probably have found the life of a junkie to be an interestingand alternative lifestyle - one reserved for rich musicians and the "live fast die young" kind of thing.

First I declare that I will never again touch upon GW property.. the next minute I'm fiddling with some Ork ships!

I'm an addict!

And never in my life would I have thought that the addictive drug would be small odd looking metalminiatures and not some strange wonderpills causing all kinds of colours!

Well but anyway - here I am.. unemployed, stuck on the country with no money for food or evenmoney to buy a busticket to town so that I could go see some people.. the bank knows my homenumber by heart and the rent for december is giving me grey hairs!

But as they say: the show must go on - so now I've painted up enough Gothic miniatures to battlesome 1000 pts battle tomorrow at my local gaming hall. Great!

The miniatures are borrowed from some geezer who alledgedly wanted to sell them to me, but asI have no cash at all I'll have to wait until I get some of those shiney silver coins again!

Well - the picture speaks for itself.. took two hours to convert and to paint. I'm quitehappy and think that Gothic models are satisfactory to paint as they almost do the job by themselves

Life is funny in a blown up kind of way.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

In the dark future of the 41st.milllenium there is only GW

Jervis Johnson posted a thread on the Epic Specialist Games Forum that Fanatic would undergo a certain developement to reorganize things...

This developement will result in fewer new miniatures, more web support, no fanatic magazine and less people working for fanatic.

Although the post is written as positive as can be,.. I think the message is clear: Specialíst Games are going to get a beating..

It's also interesting to note that production manager Tom Merrigan didn't know of this and neither did coming miniatures sculptor Paul Townsend alias Tuffskull.. In fact Townsend states that he has been asked to put some sculpts he were to present next month on hold.

Why? It's such an elegant word... WHY!

Who the heck would want more websupport? Who wants their fanatic magazine to be an online thing only? WHO THE FUCK WANTS LESS MODELS AND MORE WEB SUPPORT?!

But as usual the fans are kept in the dark - we know not why, when or how things are going to change. We only know that bad news is headed our way.

I very much disagree with the way GW goes about doing their buisness and I find it to be irritating that they treat the fans of their games as a pile of sheep. We CAN handle the real story you know!

Having spend a lot of time and money (but thanksfully all to ebay - none to GW!) on Epic I find it very very saddening that we're about to get into a new dark age of 6mm..

I'm now seriously considering getting out of the whole GW world, as I'm tired to death of their propostrous ways!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Feral Orks: Squig Catapults

I promised myself I'd make nothing but Speed Freaks until I'm done with them... so here they are: Feral Ork Squig Catapults!! TADAA! err.. dang!

Monday, November 01, 2004

My Kingdom for a Fortress!

Something very weird has happened - a whole new feeling - I've lost my first battle of Epic Armageddon!!! It was using the Speed Freaks armylist against the impetous FIRST TIME Imperial Guard player Spicker or Spook as he's sometimes called.
I of course claim it to be a game of "first time luck".. but next weekend we're at it again, and I'll have to win, not to lose face!

Initially I started working on the above fortress as part of my deff skull lootas for my coming (I do use that term quite often.. I've got no less than 9 coming armies 8-S) but as I learned of the speed freaks theyt suddenly turned red.

The painjobs are coming along nicely and I've just finished the basic red job today.
The top one is made from a land raider and a rhino with some sprueframes things glued on here and there..

The second is made from a Micromachines M101 APC glued to pieces! This took quite some time as a lot of plasticcard was involved too.. The "rivets" are made with a hot needle.

Hopefully these babies will be ready for whacking some Guards next weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Speed Freaks

This the beginning of my speed freks army. I'm going to play with it tomorrow in a halfpainted state... but things are progressing rather fast, so I'll probably get it done quickly. Only problem is that I don't have any buggies to convert for trukks, so I won't be doing that until I get some.. which might be sometime in December judging from my wallet.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Carn Boa Legion

This is how I'll paint my Titan Legion. The picture might be a bit too dark, but I'll try to get a better one up later.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Adeptus Mechanicus - Titan Legions

Yes yes.. here we are - didn't get to Nifcon as I got ill on the way there! Arild must have been contagious!

Anyway - since I've got nothing to do I've started working on my titan legions army. I got 2 reavers, 1 warlord, 2 warhounds and a host of knights & robots!

Jervis has mentioned something about robots not being entirely imperial which I think is a shame... Apparently the Emperor does not sanction the use of thinking robots! Pixelgeek made a suggestion that the robots should merely represent advanced servitors of some sort, which by me would be just fine..

Other alternatives to being reel robot could be remote controlled walkers, drones or dreadnoughts made from old demised tech priests.

The remote might be the easiest approach as they would be entirely robotic and wouldn't need anything special.. their initiative should perhaps be a bit poorer as the controller is not in the midst of it all. A bit like those eldar wraithguards.

The drones could be "weak" computer programmes about as advanced as those lawmmower robots you can buy today. I could think of a few interseting ways a squad of these could function with perhaps a special rule for "programme freeze" (they're bound to use windows).

The last one is the one that intrugues me the most.. I got no clue whatsoever as to what it should do on the battlefield, but I think the thought of honouring tech priests in this way would be cool!

There's been some discussion as to whether the knights should have Damage Capacity points or not.. so I made this comparison. I think the pictures speak for themselves - they're almost as big as warhounds, and those get 3 DC and some shields!! I think knights would have that too.. espescially so if it's a real important lord or baron inside it!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Getting ready for Nifcon!

I'm trying to pull my act together here and finally get my Chaos army painted... today I've painted some 10 Chaos Space Marines, 8 Khorne Berzekers and a land raider!

I hope it's going to be a great tournement and that I'll win the great prize and wipe all my opponents.. ok erhh.. well - anyway - there's going to be some WarMachine miniatures on display downthere.. Think I'll have a look.. but part of me already knows that if I'll get into another game it'll be Gothic Horror: The Vampire Wars.. the thought of playing Dr. Frankenstein and have a host of monsters to fight humanity is just too appealing!

Well my mate - Ulthwe Arild - has unfortunantly gone down with a bad case of flu so it's currently unsure whether I'll be going alone or with allies... typical timing! ;-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

They came from the Shrubbery!

Started painting up my Feral Orks! These baddies will all have distinct hair cuts and will probably never get used... unless my mates realise their threat of reviving GorkaMorka! The current set of rules for 40k doesn't inspire me much!
I do think that a game like Necromunda is very cool though, so I might like Gorka too..

Monday, October 11, 2004

New Mini and A Giantic Battle!

My sister had her first miniature ever this weekend.. so I didn't really get all the things done that I had planned!

But anyway - this sunday we did play a giantic mega battle involving 5 armies and 6700 pts on each side!!! Three of the players had never played before so of course it took forever to complete each turn. We only really got through two turns before we had to call it off as half of the "Imperial Side" had to head home.
The armies involved were in fact:

The Dark Alliance:
2000 pts Chaos Space Marines
2000 pts Tyranids
2700 pts Traitor Guards

The Imperial Will:
4000 pts Space Marines
2700 pts Imperial Guard!

We played on a 8'x8' table so of course the shooting was in the front seat most of the time!!! But my Tyranids actually made into CC eating up 8 leman russ tanks!!!
The Expectorator and biovore combo is an evil and nasty one!!! Disrupt and nids who dont get blastmarkers is worthwhile! However I'm confident that I would have been completely removed from the surface of the planet, as I only survived because there where so many other good targets!!

We've planned to take on some more action next weekend in the form of regular games. This tuesday my Minister of Terraforming and Geoconsultance and I will have a sitdown and do some terrain features for the Powerfist.dk tournement in march next year.

We've decided on the following tables: Orky Desert, Demon World, Agriculture World, Ruined City, perhaps Tau World, Tech World...

Friday, October 08, 2004

Tooth and more claw!

I just thought I'd bring an update to my nids... I've more or less painted these.. I'm at a total toss between a wash of blue over the back or not... I drank a bit of whiskey (Grants - cheap stuff!!!) before painting, so I'll see what it looks like tomorrow!
Well I'm taking it swarm by swarm!!! The list I've decided on is here:

Synapses and Independants:
1 x Hive tyrant = 250 pts
1 x Harridan = 250 pts
3 x Synapse Node = 150 pts
1 x Hierophant = 300 pts
3 x Genestealers = 300 pts

Supports Broods: 675 pts
4 x biovore
3 x Expectorator
4 x Lictors
1 x Zoanthrope (AA for bio/ex swarm)

17 x Gargoyles
29 x Gaunts

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

No milk today!

Yeah true!!! I haven't posted any new paintjobs today but I have actually been working on stuff. The nids from tooth and claw are coming together nice and easy only thing is that I've forgotten how to paint the scheme.. so the cohenrency between the units in the army will be rather disturbed!
But hey - I normally take a stiff whiskey and some coffee just before painting so I guess it's understandable if my mind has deterierated!!!

Although it's got nothing to do with painting I've actually been quite happy on ebay the last few days... actually a little TOO happy - when I looked up my list I had over bids on and I haven't got a brass penny left, so that's bad!

And further more the Ebay got me thinking just exactly how many projects I'm in the middle of.
Let me elabrorate:

Epic Armies - X marks that 2700 pts has been finished, so that an entire army is painted:

X Space Marines- my own chapter: The Emperors Grandeur! I've never been a beakie and I never will be.. so this chapter is every thing you make fun of if you're not a beakie! Arrogant, selfrighteous, smug, conceited... all the things laughs are made of! My Grand Master will probably be Basil Fawlty!
X Orks - A nice blended Bad Moons, Death Skullz, Snake Bites, Evil Sunz and Goffs army!
Feral Orks - lots of nice models... not so much nice paint though! I'll be getting back to those.. I kind of put them on hold when the playtest was over. Got into Epic A a little too late to have any impact on the list.. which I regret a bit.. but hey: who knew!
Tyranids - I haven't got a concept for these yet as I'm not really into the tyranid fluff. I'm going to paint them red skin and black carapace with white sharks teeth.
Imperial Guard - Oh my god - I haven't posted any pictures of my guard yet!! Shame on me! I actually kind of like them myself.. They wear black leather trenchcoats and silver steel helmets! And a red band across the arm! My source of inspiration is a well guarded secret.. ahem!
Chaos - Well I can't really say that I have that much.. Mostly I'm just converting things to be chaos.. I play the Black Legion in 40k and I'll be doing it in Epic too! Abaddon is simply the coolest character out there! My partner in epic crimes Mikkel has a lot of Chaos that I borrowed when I played the game described longer down.

Warhammer 40.000K - X indicates 1500 pts painted

Lost and the Damned - a slaaneshi cult... I painted up the entire army and then stripped the marines later on.. I was just never happy with the colour scheme.. so now it's just parked in a closet!
Black Legion - I've had this army for ages.. First it was all purple and colourful.. then I decided that although slaanesh had some great appeals, I'd rather go with the real feel of the Chaos Space Marines which I felt was only truly displayed in the Black Legion. Although it's one of the most paintwise boring armies I have it's actually one of those I love the most.. hehe! They're painted exactly as suggested in codex CSM with a lot of conversions here and there.
Orks Snakebites/Ferals - Well you see.. this ork army hasn't really found it's codex yet. My theme is that it's an Orkwizition.. a large warband spreading the word of gork and mork on all planets they come by, making wild boyz suddenly realize what they are! But as orks have a bit of a rubbish codex at the moment I'm swapping through the lists using a new everytime I make an army.. as an example I used the Speed Freakes list for my Snake Bites Explowatory Warband.. a bunch of orks on wheelz racing around the planet looking for good spots to land the orkwizition!
Space Marines - The Emperors Grandeur again.. I've made 1 marine and glued a lot together.. all in all I have a lot of marines but no vehicles but a dreadnought.
Dark Eldar - The Kabal of the Spitting Veins! I've just started this project and the army is coming together quite nicely... I'm exchanging all of the Dark Eldar heads with Dark Elf ones.. just because I can.. no really - I think the original heads reminds me more of modern art than scary raiders from the future.. And the dark elf ones can be painted to look like leather masks, tying in nicely with the S/M feel of the D.E.
I've only got an Archon, 2 Sybarites, 2 Succubus, 26 warriors and 1 scourge, so it's hardly an army yet!
X Necrons - My dear sweet first army - evil incarnate!!! I'm sticking with the old minis converting new things like destroyers and stuff in a jiffy! Not much to say - boltgun metal rules!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Necron Playtest Units

Hehehe... I know what you're thinking - He's gone mad!!! No actually he just went bored... bored of the fact that some people are holding on to the chaos androis that I need to make my necron army... So I decided to look for some alternatives,., Starting with the most expensive one imaginable - using 40k necrons! Ha! No I think I'll scan through the historic 6mm to see if there's some suitable models out there, that drybrushed metal and placed on an epic base will look just a little necron!

Tooth and Claw

Today I've started the work on my tyranids. Actually I should be painted my 40K Black Legion space marines for a coming tournement, but after playing a game and winning with them, I realised what a crappy game 40K can be when you're used to a little less hack and slash game like epic.. so my motivation kind of got sucked out! And here I am doing my nids!

I have to be honest that I have a really hard time figuring out how to do the army list for the nids. I'm especially in doubt when it comes to supporting broods. All other broods give themselves away as I only have just the amount I need to fill the 25% limits..

For the synapse I think I'm going with only hive tyrants and warriors. The Dominatrix and harridan/vituporator models are cool, but I just think the idea of a lot of tyrants suits me a lot more! Besides with 3 tyrants in a 4000 pt game I won't be on the low end of synapses.. and of course the last 250 will be synapse nodes.. as soon as I find a 40k Nid player willing to give up some bits!

The supporting broods will probably be lictors to use with the nodes and some ex,... erhm excetopratiarators.. exhutiecetarators!? whatever - the big biovores.. 4 of them and some Zoanthropes (AA) and then add up with more biovores!

I haven't played using Tyranids yet, but I definantly think the list looks like it has potential to behave in a very different way than any of the other lists.. Which infinently is very cool!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Objectives for Powerfist.dk

This is some objectives I got around to make last night. In total I'll be needing 36 objectives for 6 tables in a Danish tournament, that I'm arranging the Epic part of, which is called Powerfist.dk
To see all the objectives in larger images go here: http://photobucket.com/albums/v404/clovermilk/

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ork Special House Rules


An Ork special House Rule from the Hall of the Random Encounters!

Orks are really a competative race where only the strongest survive... No warboss would ever slow down his entire warband of battlewagonz just because some weedy gitz got their ride blown up and had to walk!

Mekkanized Warbands (warbands were all units have the option of being transported) Special Rule:If a transport unit is destroyed and the units it transported survives, the rest of the warband is allowed to "ditch" these units so that the whole warband won't be slowed to 15cm speed. Ditching the units means that the units are removed from play but that the formation does not recieve any blastmarkers for it.

Weird boyz channels the great Waaagh energy created by the psyched ork boyz mobs in to powerful bolts of energy able to smash even large war machines!! However - the energy is entirely dependant on how many orks are in the mob.. the more boyz the more blast!

Can be used by weird boyz in formations containing boyz (wildboyz, boyz, nobz and madboyz all count as boyz). The Gaze of Mork is a macro weapon but it's range and strenght is entirely dependant on how psyched up the Ork mob is. Count the number of boyz units and deduct the number of blast markers on the formation:
1-5: range:15 MW6+
6-10: range:30 MW5+
11-15: range:45 MW4+
16-20: range:60 MW3+
20+: range 75 MW2+

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Chaos Battle Report

Today I played a battle against my fellow Epic enthusiast Mikkel!.

I played Black Legion Chaos Space Marines and Mikkel used Index Astartes Space Marines.

I used a lot of time going through the list and making what I hoped would be the perfect army... I then took the bus to the gaming hall... without the armylist!!!

So I had to make one up on the fly!Anyways I opted for a armoured comp of 4 lands and 1 pred. They were placed alongside a banelord titan and a set of two Death Wheels.
The rest of the army was a mechanized retinue, a bikes retinue, a retinue with 3 dreads, 3 doomfires, 6 raptors, 2 x forlorn hope of slaaneshi marines..First of all - Death Wheels... OH MY GOD those are effective!

It's almost insane what you can make them do for the mere value of 550!!!!
They completely took the one flank on their own killing 4 landraiders and 4 whirlwinds.. taking the blitz obj. in no time!

My opponent didn't adress any further formations in their way, which I understand as the games focal point switched to the centre of the board. Here the banelord and a warlord titan were having a firefeast.

Unfortunantly my severely limited banelord never made it to CC as it was shot to pieces solely by the warlord before it got a chance. I had placed my armoured company along side the warlord as I knew they'd come in handy if a fire fight emerged giving supporting fire. (there weren't any other formations around).

But as I saw the banelord coming down in flames I decided to trash the plan for the AC and advanced them towards the other flank where a devastator det. in landraiders were making a mockery of my forlorn hope garisoned at one of my objectives. Unfortunently I failed to notice the presence of a supreme commander and a assault detachment which quite quickly swept down from a nearby ruin and alongside the devastor det. ruined my AC without taking a single casualty it self... devastating!!!

My two retinues on the other hand were quick to seize the initiative and rush forwards towards one of the enemy's objectives that I had decided before battle commended that they should concentrate on. (as advised by jaldon I always make plans for each formation before game-start.)

As mentioned earlier my objectives were guarded only by forlorn hopes. I'm aggressive so I normally always have all of my units and the enemy's units on the ENEMY's side of the table, meaning that I don't need to worry about my own objs. Unfortunantly I made a real by the book mistake: I had forgotten all about the enemy using terminators during my setup. Teleporting down from space the terminators quickly turned my noisemarines into wimpering circus monkeys fleeing faster than teleport-speed!

I lost the one objective..He tried hard to push for the second obj using the devastators mentioned earlier. They advanced and fired at my bikes who were at my blitz obj. They hit nothing.

Meanwhile my raptors flew over and killed the aforementioned assault detachment avenging my armoured company! After this they proceded towards an enemy assault bike formation, breaking in taking two casualty itself. Unfortunently two (two killed by doomfires) vindicators that had been banging at my forlorn hope at my last objective, cut through to the raptors and killed two, breaking them!

During the whole game my doomfires had been bombing formations to place BM's after which an engage action could be commenced by some other formation. A deadly combo to say the least. But during turn 3 it became clear that the game would end in a draw. The enemy had sneaked a tactical formation (with 4 stands left and 3 dead rhinos) over on my half of the table taking away my "they shall not pass" goal.

The only thing that could prevent a draw was that my doomfires, which were the only ones able to reach, made the tactical detachment break... I rolled for the barrage weapons, but lacking the rhinoes as targets I wasn't really able to make enough damage to break them... I killed 1 stand of marines, giving them 3 BM's - which meant exactly squat! (by the way we have a house rule saying that the majority of the formation must be on opponents side of table in order to negate "they shall not pass" in this case the whole formation was on my side.. but I just thought I'd mention.)

The doomfire pilots must have felt a lot of pressure.. so I guess it was too much for them.. anyways the game ended in a draw of course, with me having Take and Hold, Blitzkrieg and the enemy having Break Their Spirit.

Great game - cool opponent!

In retrospect I think that the banelord is really not worth it's points!!! For 850 pt I'd rather have 5 Death Wheels and 25 pts for a sacrifice!!!! I think they might be slightly underpriced. How come the BL has worse firefight than Warlord? I understand that we don't want them to be identical, but I think the one could be CC and the other FF... seems strange that WL is better or equal at both.

Project: Dark Eldar

Here's a Dark Eldar Warrior from my newest project - a Dark Eldar 40K army (doh!). Although I have a lot of miniatures, I rarely play the game, as I think Epic is much more fun. But with the new edition and all I wanted to give it a try! Posted by Hello


Hi there!

This is my blog - inspired by Pixelgeek I thought I'd get one!

I'm going to post here about all the games I play.. which by chance are all made by a fabulous company called Games Workshop. I play Epic Armageddon, 40k and soon I'll also be fielding Warmaster armies.

I got a lot of spare time at the moment due to my job situation (haven't got any - thumbs up!).
so I'm dedicating all my spare time to gaming... wait a sec - and to my wife (no evil eyes then!).
She's from Sweden!

My current projects include:

A Gothic Epic crossover campaign system, which I think is really simple. Everybody else thinks it's really complicated! But there is actually only three features in it: Moving, trading, fighting. Like any space adventure should be!

A converted Dark Eldar 40k army. The Dark Eldar troops models are ugly. Plain and simple. Thus I've tried to device a new model for them, using the heads of their Warhammer Fantasy counterparts the Dark Elves. I'm very pleased with the result and I always post a picture when I get a chance... but my Computer says I've have to spend time installing something called Hello Blogger, before I can do it, so it won't be right now. Not that I'm lazy - nooo... I'm on my way to the fair city of Esbjerg to do battle with my mighty warriors of the Black Legion.
It'll be a bash with the dreaded Space Marines of the Blood Angels chapter... Luckily I've got a banelord titan on my side - that's going to come in handy!

Until next time!