Friday, October 22, 2004

Getting ready for Nifcon!

I'm trying to pull my act together here and finally get my Chaos army painted... today I've painted some 10 Chaos Space Marines, 8 Khorne Berzekers and a land raider!

I hope it's going to be a great tournement and that I'll win the great prize and wipe all my opponents.. ok erhh.. well - anyway - there's going to be some WarMachine miniatures on display downthere.. Think I'll have a look.. but part of me already knows that if I'll get into another game it'll be Gothic Horror: The Vampire Wars.. the thought of playing Dr. Frankenstein and have a host of monsters to fight humanity is just too appealing!

Well my mate - Ulthwe Arild - has unfortunantly gone down with a bad case of flu so it's currently unsure whether I'll be going alone or with allies... typical timing! ;-)

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