Tuesday, November 23, 2004

That time of year...

Well once again I find my self going from one place to another with no real point to it... I probably won't get much painting or playing done once I'm off..

It's only three months since our last move, making it the third this year!

I won't have internet in the place I'm moving to and there's no epic players there either as Warmachine has been a big hit,.. The appartment we're moving to is only 58 square metres, so I've promised that I won't bring along my minis.. except for one case of already painted ones.

So it'll probably be an interesting time for me. I'll have to learn to do other things.. things like going to the town to have a cup of coffee and speak intellectually with other halfbald people. NAAAAAAH! I'll just buy packs of stuff and store them on the roof until we get a bigger place! HAH!

With the baby coming this summer we hope to find a house or something up in the area around Århus but I just don't know if it's possible.

Well - till next time - may the dice be with you!

Yours truly,

Thorbjørn Nielsen

Monday, November 22, 2004

Jail House Rork

Today I've started building an Ork Jailhouse!

Not much to say really.. this orkitekturing is mostly just "glue.. wait.. glue... wait.. paint.. wait.. paint more... wait more!"

Click the picture for a larger version.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Da Boss Fort

I've started construction on an even bigger ork building now!

It's da bosses fort.

I've included a mock up of how I'm going to expand on the building.
There will be guns all over it of course and it'll probably get even more glyphs too.
After all it IS a Bad Moon living there and there's no Bad Moon glyphs yet!

It's quite big compared to the normal ork house I made.. actualyl I'd say the house is more of a hut now that I've build the fort!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Chaos Slavers

During the last few days I've had an idea for a new armylist for 40K I wanna do.

It's called The Chaos Slavers and is basically a chaos warband with a lot of ork, eldar and human slaves to act as meat shields.

So today after getting thoroughly beat by Spicker in Epic (I played Space Marines - kind of like sleeping with the enemy! Except it being more like a rape... I HATE SM!)

So far I've written ver. 1.0 of the list and it looks like this:


Chaos Lord
Chaos Chosen

Mutated Slaves

1.Enslaved Species - Squad consist of a number of Chaos Warriors nudging around either Ork, Eldar or Human slaves.
2.Grot Slaves as in codex orks
3.Warriors of Chaos - as in codex chaos but with no marks allowed.

Fast Attack:
Ork Beast Boyz - same as ork boar boyz
Scavenged Sentinel - sentinel but may use 40pts worth of chaos upgrades
Chaos Raptors - the same as in...

Heavy Support:
Restrained Alien Monster - a bit like the goblin fanatic in fantasy.. only monstrous size and a lot less predictable
Ork Livestock: Squigs, Boarz, Snotlings and Squiggoths - Ork use all of nature in their warfare!
Chaos Defiler: How can it be chaos if this ain't in it?

The whole list with descriptions is actually done and ready to load up,.. but I haven't really got a place to do it.. so I'll just leave it be! :-)

Thursday, November 18, 2004


This is an Ork house I've made for a campaign I'm having with some friends in a couple of days. An eldar wraith gate is also on the menu... The house is one of two and took almost no time to paint or assemble. I'm eventually gonna do an entire settlement of this standard.

Other than that the latest news is that me and the mrs is going to move from the town of Oksbøl back to Århus and the appartment we have there. Our financial situation calls for something drastic and the possibilities here seem rather limited.

Of course this is both good and bad.

Bad because I really had something going with my hobby down here, especially the Epic part and good because I'll get closer to my relatives and some of my older friends. In the end it'll be a lot easier on the both of us.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Gorgants Nose Tribe! WFRP Goblings!

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play - the best roleplaying system and world I've ever played in/with.

These gobbos are meant to participate in a campaign we're playing at the moment. So far the players have travelled over the Worlds Edge Mountains down south near the Plain of Bones.

The land just before the plains is like a minefield with orcoid settlements and the players moved through the landscape very carefully! They judgeg that sneaking past a distinctively goblin settlement would be the most lifesparing plan.. unfortunantly they were a bit too enthusiastic about the whole thing and overrated their own battle prowes!

A swirling melee later and they had all been taken captives by the Gorgant Nose Tribe.

The gobbos in the picture are all from this very tribe. They are meant to capture the very dark and gothic look of the WFRP world.. well - the real warhammer world if you ask somebody like me. The one where Karl Franz is a big phony and a cover-up and nothing like the High Fantasy world portrayed in the miniatures game (which is a great game in fact.. but the background is not nearely as intrigueing as the role play!)

Further more I've tried to use a lot of different goblings as I think that the current GW range is a bit too uniform.. they all have the same faces and generally look nothing like the old Kev Adams models which I really love (and constantly seach for on ebay)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Playtesting the Mechanical Adepts!

This weekend offered some playtesting on the Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions list. This time I would take control of the titans against Spickers Imperial Guard. I proved to be a difficult task to rout the Imperials and it ended in a tie break, which was then solved by Victory Points to my advantage.

We also managed to sneak in a game of my feral orks against Spicker IG. I won the game rather sound,... and again I have to wonder about why those squiggoths and orkeosaurus are so cheap! It's insane! My squig catapults were quite alright also... although I must admit I was rather shocked when I noticed their range... 45 cm is not that much, but I guess shooting with ancient technology you shouldn't get your hopes up.. hehe!
Anyway it felt like a complete walkthrough so I've promised Spicker to borrow him some more artillery for coming games.

Besides gaming I also got around to do some trading! I've swapped all my warmaster dwarfs for warmaster undead so I got up to 1750 points of undead! Wehoo!!! :-)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Hehe... this is a picture of my newest conversion - work in progress! It's of course a 100% homemade conversion using parts from both me and my wife...

Don't know what'll be yet and I'm not to sure how to paint it either! Preferebly green so It'll go along with my orks! :-)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Warrior Weekend and New buns in the oven!

It has been an exciting weekend with lots of gaming!

Firstly I played Mikkel's Slaanesh Gothic Fleet and beat the living crap out of him with my orks!! Hahaha.. well anyway - I thought it was a fun game and it was totally decided by my lucky dice rolls and Mikkel completely selective memory of his own ships abilities!

Secondly I played my new arch enemy nr. 1: Spicker!
This time we did some playtesting for the Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions list.
Spicker would command the Adeptus while I would try to overrun him with my psychopatic speed freaks!!!

We played two games... I won the first 2-0 and lost the second 0-3! So appantly the armies were quite good matched. I did have a lot of good dice rolls in the first game.. at least for my saves - my shooting was miserable in both games.. but after all the shooting's just meant to lay of some BM's until you get into engage distance! Having 15 activations was a lot of fun!

Memo to myself: Never engage warlord titans in closecombat!

Finally here's the thing I'll be throwing myself at: more squiggoths! I thought it was finally time I did something about the paintjob of these beast.. although I do like that silvery look!! Hehe!

I'll be adding lots of bitz and gubbinz to the two big 'unz so they'll get the proper weapons displayed and match the Orkeosaurus profile.

Friday, November 05, 2004

The Goffish

Yes here we are - the show goes on!

At some point in my life I'd probably have found the life of a junkie to be an interestingand alternative lifestyle - one reserved for rich musicians and the "live fast die young" kind of thing.

First I declare that I will never again touch upon GW property.. the next minute I'm fiddling with some Ork ships!

I'm an addict!

And never in my life would I have thought that the addictive drug would be small odd looking metalminiatures and not some strange wonderpills causing all kinds of colours!

Well but anyway - here I am.. unemployed, stuck on the country with no money for food or evenmoney to buy a busticket to town so that I could go see some people.. the bank knows my homenumber by heart and the rent for december is giving me grey hairs!

But as they say: the show must go on - so now I've painted up enough Gothic miniatures to battlesome 1000 pts battle tomorrow at my local gaming hall. Great!

The miniatures are borrowed from some geezer who alledgedly wanted to sell them to me, but asI have no cash at all I'll have to wait until I get some of those shiney silver coins again!

Well - the picture speaks for itself.. took two hours to convert and to paint. I'm quitehappy and think that Gothic models are satisfactory to paint as they almost do the job by themselves

Life is funny in a blown up kind of way.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

In the dark future of the 41st.milllenium there is only GW

Jervis Johnson posted a thread on the Epic Specialist Games Forum that Fanatic would undergo a certain developement to reorganize things...

This developement will result in fewer new miniatures, more web support, no fanatic magazine and less people working for fanatic.

Although the post is written as positive as can be,.. I think the message is clear: Specialíst Games are going to get a beating..

It's also interesting to note that production manager Tom Merrigan didn't know of this and neither did coming miniatures sculptor Paul Townsend alias Tuffskull.. In fact Townsend states that he has been asked to put some sculpts he were to present next month on hold.

Why? It's such an elegant word... WHY!

Who the heck would want more websupport? Who wants their fanatic magazine to be an online thing only? WHO THE FUCK WANTS LESS MODELS AND MORE WEB SUPPORT?!

But as usual the fans are kept in the dark - we know not why, when or how things are going to change. We only know that bad news is headed our way.

I very much disagree with the way GW goes about doing their buisness and I find it to be irritating that they treat the fans of their games as a pile of sheep. We CAN handle the real story you know!

Having spend a lot of time and money (but thanksfully all to ebay - none to GW!) on Epic I find it very very saddening that we're about to get into a new dark age of 6mm..

I'm now seriously considering getting out of the whole GW world, as I'm tired to death of their propostrous ways!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Feral Orks: Squig Catapults

I promised myself I'd make nothing but Speed Freaks until I'm done with them... so here they are: Feral Ork Squig Catapults!! TADAA! err.. dang!

Monday, November 01, 2004

My Kingdom for a Fortress!

Something very weird has happened - a whole new feeling - I've lost my first battle of Epic Armageddon!!! It was using the Speed Freaks armylist against the impetous FIRST TIME Imperial Guard player Spicker or Spook as he's sometimes called.
I of course claim it to be a game of "first time luck".. but next weekend we're at it again, and I'll have to win, not to lose face!

Initially I started working on the above fortress as part of my deff skull lootas for my coming (I do use that term quite often.. I've got no less than 9 coming armies 8-S) but as I learned of the speed freaks theyt suddenly turned red.

The painjobs are coming along nicely and I've just finished the basic red job today.
The top one is made from a land raider and a rhino with some sprueframes things glued on here and there..

The second is made from a Micromachines M101 APC glued to pieces! This took quite some time as a lot of plasticcard was involved too.. The "rivets" are made with a hot needle.

Hopefully these babies will be ready for whacking some Guards next weekend!