Sunday, December 18, 2005

Painting: Fallout Werewolf Biker

I must have fallen asleep on the coach yesterday.. at least that's where I woke up this morning at 0600! Last thing I remembered was watching "Grumpy Old Men" with the rest of my family.

So what do you do at 6'o'clock in the morning!? You start painting! I recieved some minis for a game called Road Kill a couple of days ago, so that's what I took on.

Not much to say about the painting... it's painted with colours and it was fun.

I'm looking forward to playing with the GOALsystem rules. Although I've never seen so bad editing before I must say they look really solid.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Painting: WW1 German Jägers and Infantry

I seem to have a lot of time on my hands - time to get some of those WIP's done.

Here a longrunning project: World War One germans. I'm nowhere near done yet, but I'm getting there. Step by step. I had a bit of trouble getting the camera to focus the right way... but what the hell!

They've all been painted nicely and then splattered in mud (graveyard earth - from Games Workshop). I've tried to make it evident that all sorts of different equipment was given to the soldiers. Thus they all have different boots, jackets, pants and so on.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Painting: Heinrich The Mad Butler

A Maniac from RAFM Call of Cthulhu miniatures. I dubbed him Heinrich The Mad Butler.
The paintjob was - as with Ygor - rather simple. Two highlights on the skin and one on the black.
I dirtied up his shoes and legs to give sort of a muddy impression. Everybody knows it always
rains in horror movies, so naturally it must be muddy too.

Painting: Epic Demons

These demons are originally from Warmaster, but given the amount of models available for Epic Armageddon these days, you just have to learn to "Do It Yourself".

I did 20 of each. That should keep me covered for some time I think.

Bloodletters was undercoated white, drowned in red, horns snakebite, weapons silver. And then an ink over it all

Plaguebearers were drybrushed english uniform or goblin green, and after that dwarf fleshed was drybrushed on.. and then an ink over it all. Weapons painted brown and then orange.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Panting: Ygor Must Serve!

I painted Dr. Frankensteins little helper today.
Focussed on earthtones and tried to make the head look like that of Eddie the Monster.

The paintjob was fairly simple and I only did one or two highlights. The mini was undercoated black, so I left some of the recesses black when basecoating.
I'm overall pleased with the job which took about 1½ hours. There will probably be some more detail work done to it, but on the other hand it's not like I'm going to a show with it!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Warmaster 1848

Yesterday we had a game of Warmaster 1848 - War between Denmark and Germany (german states).

I haven't actually tried the warmaster rules before, but I've read them once a long time ago. There sure is A LOT to think of when you're completely new to the game. It's fairly easy to position ones troops in complete idiotic ways making all sorts of chain events.

The armies on both sides were totally identic, so it was all up to skill - and dice!

Unfortunently I didn't possess either so I was in for quite a beating. It was good fun though. I'd happily play it again - with automated heavy machineguns on my side!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

40K Trench War

Yesterday I went to my buddy Steen to play gothic and 40k. Steen had done some realyl nice terrain boards which hadn't seen their first bloody battles yet.

We played three games of 40k in total.. never got around to play gothic.
We played cleanse, take & hold and secure & control. We did not use Victory Points as that pretty much eliminates half the game.

Steen had a nice Imperial Guard Preatorian Army which he used for the first game. It quickly became evident that the terrain was in my favor being an ork. First game was quick and brutish and didn't leave much space to stand and shoot.. which was all too bad for the preatorians.

The boards were highly detailed with plenty of cool touches.. The centerpiece was a large lake which actually made a chimera's ability to move across water worth something!

Steen changes to his necron army for the last two games. Good chioce! The battles were fierce and close.. In the end I got off rather good. My ability to roll nothing but 5's and 6's was a deciding factor. Not using VP also gave me a better chance of hanging in.

A great day!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Epic Battle: Space Marines vs. Lost and The Damned

We played 2000 pts epic armageddon battle. My opponent was Mads who was not very experienced in playing EA. In fact it was his first game with LATD. So I took a really horrible SM army. Or at least an army that wouldn't cause him too much trouble.

The SM army I had:
1 x Tactical Det, 2 x Terminator Det, 2 x Landraider Det, 1 x devastator Det.

Coven - Traitors & fire support
Coven - Traitors, 12 land transporters and fire support
Coven - Traitors, some big mutants and fire support
4 Demon engines of Khorne
1 Lord of Battle
6 Leman Russ

The battle was shortlived as my shooting hardly made any difference and the only assault of any significance to me was my tacticals breaking one of the covens with support from the devastators. My termies tried blitzing him but found themselves gunned down by the two covens that laid in wait.
The Lord of Battles refused to do anything he was told so we never got to see him hack landraiders apart. His shooting did however hack something apart.

In short I spread my army too thin instead of enganging his formations more in a one on one style action. My termies was completely wasted by teleporting. They might as well've been bought with the landraiders and have ridden in them.

I was cool to play some EA though. And I wish Mads good luck with getting his army done so we can have real fun!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ork Motor Pool

I got hold of some old tanks to convert into battlewagons and gunwagons/guntrukks.
It'll probably take a while to konvert all this into orky goodness!

In the end I imagine having:

1 looted basil
1 looted russ
1 looted predator
1 looted landraider... maybe - can't decide whether to use it as is or as battlewagon
1 looted chimera
3 battlewagons
4 gunwagons
2 trukks
15-20 buggies and trakks (not all pictured.. far from actually)
20 bikes (not pictured..)
9 kans
3 dreads

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Haywire Tournement!

Yesterday I participated in a tournement at the local club. Haywire it was called.

We were all meant to bring friendly and completely painted armies. Oh and there were no victory points - only objectives! Nice concept.

I only played 3 of the 4 games.. as I'd managed to double book my day.

Kenneth employs sneaky taktiks
First game was with Kenneth who had a tyranid army. I had no idea what to do with my orks so I just deployed them, shouted really loudly and pulled all the triggers I could grab. After a few round I had no orks left. Great battle! Plenty of violence!

Sceond battle was with Morten Loof and his Black Templars of doom. My initial thought was "oh shit!". We played a scenario called Eye of Terror. Each turn you were able to deepstrike any sqaud on the table (not vehicles) just like the necrons do. Furthermore you had to check whether night fight rules applied at the start of EVERY turn.
I actually managed to win this game... don't ask how! The deepstriking thing was a quite good ally as my orks could actually reach the enemy that way. There were a lot of "kleva finkin" to do.. which I failed miserably to do.
The game had random game lenght - and that was how I won.. I had ONE scoring unit left and Mortens terminators only needed to kill one ork with their shooting to make him win. Unfortunently for him I rolled a 2 when we checked whether there would be another turn.... so I won.

The whole game (apart from one turn) was played with night fight rules, so I wasn't able to take any pictures.

The nasty 1KSons taunt the orks by hiding in a land raider
Last game was with Kean. He had a really nice Thousand Sons army. The scenario was kalled Don't Kill The Messenger.
A messenger was positioned in the absolute center of the table. Every turn he moved directly away from the nearest enemy. I missed this part... so I parked my battlewagon on his toe.. which made him run over to Kean's marines..
The game ended shortly after this as Kean embarged with the messenger in a land raider and took out the few units I had that were able to kill the raider.

Monday, November 07, 2005

My battlewagon for a horse!

This saturday I'm playing in a tournement at my local gaming club. Part of the concept is that people will play fair armies and that everything must be painted. Nice!

So I began thinking about what to bring.. seeing "fully painted" as a deciding clue in my investigation I picked up a couple of orks and went "hruumm??".

Now I couldn't think of a more fair army than the Orks. They suck! And they have plenty of guns that go bang and lots og vehicles that will not make a licking difference... Great konvershun possiblities and yada yada..

The plan for my orks is to paint them as BLood Axes but use the SnakeBites list as it - strange as it may seem - feels a lot more suited for BA's. I've gotten hold of about 40 catachan jungle fighters to use as human allies (will use the hunta profile for these) and I've been working up some Ork rough riders (boar boyz).
I can still take stormy boyz, a looted vehicle and kommandoes as BA should.

For the tournement I'll just play them as standard codex:orks orks.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blood Angels Force

This monday I started working on a Blood Angels force. I've been planning to do both Black Templars and Blood Angels for a long time.. Initially I wanted to use the new chassis vehicles for the Blood Angels and the old chassis for the Templars. Now I no longer care. The prices for the new vehicles are ridiculous and the casting is horrible, so screw that!
In fact the force on the picture would be about 69£ on the MO store..

Painting: I use a Blood Angels spray for undercoat. Next I wash the minis in black ink. Paint the trims black. Done.

This is the only conversion featured in the army. All my jump infantry will look like this.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Race to the Sea

These are the first of many (MANY!) german World War 1 models that I've bought. I've decided to use the magic ink approach.. which means that I'll just give the figs some base colours and then soil them with brown ink giving them shadows and whatever in an instant.
They're probably not a 100% historically accurate, but I don't give a flying fart about it,. hehe.. oh well - I do, but I've not been able to find satisfying picture material to paint from.. so if you spot any mistakes - they're deliberate! hmpf!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Adeptus Tintin

It's been a while since my last post but none the less I've been very busy!

First of all - taking all my time - my Peter Pig World War 1 miniatures have arrived! I've been all over them the last day or two. They're really great looking and I'm just getting more and more into the whole 15mm thing! It looks great, it's grand and it's affordable!

Well today I finished up a display "dish" for Epic and some Adeptus Mechanicus leman russ tanks too. They're really old and they sort of remind me of something Hergé did in some of his albums.

Other than that I've been doing some more Warmachine minis too. Or rather - minis FOR warmachine. It's my evil cossack guard I'm talking about - they've been based and are ready for paint.

I've also finished some Man O War shock troopers, and most of you will probably not have a clue about why I've painted them this way... try thinking out of the box - it's khador, it's cold - so I took down that road instead of the red like russia thing.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Future War

Five M1A1 Abrams.

Ten T-72

Today I got around to do some GHQ tanks that I bought who knows when. The idea is to use them for some sort of "europe in flames" future speculative. It'll probably be
based on the Epic Armageddon game system as it's fairly easy and action filled.

The tanks are just drybrushed some standard military colours and there's nothing to it.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Peter Pig Germans

I finally got around to do some models that have been lying around my flat for years. They are Peterpig WW2 infantry with schmeissers. Or whatever the weapon is called.

I undercoated them black and gave them a Vallejo German Uniform overhaul... the helmets were painted in cold grey mixed with black ink. Guns were painted black mixed with a little grey.. boots got the same treatment.
Skin was painted scorched brown and the topped with dwarf flesh both from GW.

I hope I find the rest of the models some day as they're really cool to paint and I'm just in that mood.. in fact I think I'll order some WW1 models from PP just to get that WW1 project done. It began in 28mm but that's just way too expensive - hooray for PP!

Monday, October 03, 2005


During my downtime period with no internet I kind accidentally bought some warmachine minis and painted them up. This here's Kommandant Irusk accompaignied by two warjacks - a Juggernaught on the left and a Destroyer on the right.

I've modified the gun of the destroyer as I thought it was a bit too weenie..

Actually I didn't give the original Khador red theme much thought as it really wasn't what I wanted to do. Instead I undercoated the models tinbitz, then gave them an overhaul with boltgun metal, before giving them my secret ink. After that treatment they were painted in russian uniform colours from Vallejo Model Colour in some of the flat areas. Lastly I took a sponge and tapped on white till it looked patchy and kind of like they did it on the T-tanks during WW2.

I'm gonna paint the infantry with blue skin highlighted up to elf flesh. The theme of the army is a cross between old horror movies and the russian army. I think I'll be using some Gothic Horror models for infantry instead of the Winter Guard ones that PP make - those are really ugly sculpts I think. I'd rather have the Evil Cossacks from Goth Horror instead.

I'm also going to be using the werewolf models as doom reavers I think.

And well - sooner or later I better get Vlad as he kind of fits the bill of an evil vampire overlord quite nicely.

Let me know what you think.

Defending Molotrop

The skies were torn asunder by storm and lightning as the aliens approached the heavily guarded digging site. The troops of Molotrop had put down a defensive ring all around the Adeptus Mechanicus team.

A mighty Imperator Titan owned the entire battlefield from the center of the line.

Suddenly all hell broke lose as the eldar vehicles came sweeping in from all over. The city guard in the two big imperial habitats lying just before the front were quickly overrun and hacked to smithereens.

Although the attack seemed strong and focused it was but a drop in the ocean compared to the firepower of the Imperator. It opened up with mighty salvoes plasma fire and took out the eldar titan in a single shot.

After this the eldar perished. Their morale bottomed out.

"A fine display Kapitan!", the head of the adeptus was impressed.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Preparing to go to War

Today I had a grand old game of Warhammer 40.000 4th edition. My opponent had borrowed an ork force of me. I played my regular Rust and the Damned.

During the game I had a few quirks as there's quite a lot of things in the game that I find a bit strange... but as soon as you learn to remember the weird stuff I guess it'll be ok.

The mission was written by another gamer at our club and it was objectives only. No VP - I like that! Unfortunently we forgot some of the special rules so it was pretty rough.

We saw a lot of real dice magic and I was quite excited to try out a Nurgle greater demon that I'd borrowed. Well to say the least it wasn't all the great.. Hehe with 3 attacks and initiative 2 even orks seem kind of scary! But it lasted two turns against a stormboyz horde so that's grand...

The game ended a draw only because there were no VP - lucky me, otherwise I was cremated.. BY ORKS! Phew I gotta rethink some things in that army!

My list was as follows:

Greater Demon of Nurgle
Aspiring Champs (x2, one w/ powerfist and demonic strenght+mutation)
Demon pack (plague bearers x 7),
Demon pack (plague bearers x 7)
Zombies (x18 + icon),
Zombies (x18 + icon),
Tratiors (x6, heavy bolter),
Tratiors (x6 lascannon),
Tratiors (x6 heavy bolter)
Sentinels (x2, autocannons),
Chaos hounds(x5)
Leman Russ (heavy bolter, lascannon),
Defiler (mut hull, indirect)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Formula De evening

We had a go at the French game "Formula De" at the local club last night. Great game with plenty of action. It's rare that I play board games so it was something new and interesting.

We played two races and the second one I even managed to stay on the track through the whole game.. instead of crashing horribly and dying like I did in the first one.

Later in the evening we had a game of Star Munchkin which really didn't work out that well with 7 players hehe... 3 of us never got over level 1 or only managed to be over 1 in a few minutes. But that's how it should be,.. probably! Crazy man Steve Jackson!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The past few days I've been bidding on loads of Battlefleet Gothic Ork models to expand my ork fleet. Hopefully lots and lots of BFG games are up the next couple of days.

Monday, August 22, 2005

HORDES from Privateer Press

I am SOOOO gonna play this game! Warcasters, jacks and focus?! PHAH! I gotta big lumbering TROLL to throw at you!

Hehe well I was a bit skeptical after playing WARMACHINE. But although I haven't even played this game yet I'm already sold! AND it's compatible with WARMACHINE so there's already tonnes of players around!

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Today I got around to skinning the rest of me guard models. I've been buying stuff here and there on the web for a long time and they've all had rather miserable paintjobs... luckily that's nothing acetone can't help with.

Yesterday I had two games of Epic Armageddon at the local games club. First game was with Henrik who hadn't really played the game before.
I lend him a 3000 pts ork force and took a 3000 pts Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions force myself. My army was based on a reaver and a warlord and knights for the rest of the points.

Unfortunantly it didn't really seem to catch him as I had hoped. The AMTL probaly should have half the credit for this and I the other half... My army simply wasn't working and he was able to run it all over and win without any trouble. I think he concluded that the same happened last time he played, and that's just too bad I guess. I'm not really good at explaining and the game is not really easy to show to newcomers if they haven't read the rules I think. Oh well.

Second game was against Mads who's also a newcomer to epic. He borrowed a SM force and played against an ork force composed mainly of warbands. I think it was a good game and it ended 3-2 in my favor.. However I'm a bit unsure as to what my opponent thought of it. Appearently he was neither dismissive or thoroughly enjoyed. I think I gotta work on my educational skills. Or make up an easy go scenario to introduce the game. Prices, availability and detail is not really working with right now.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Molotrop Armoured Infantry

Every half year I turn my eyes on my Imperial Guard regiment. It's meant to hail from the planet Molotrop in the Nasox sector. So far I haven't been really sure on how to paint them but in the end I just chose a palette and started painting.

Actually the whole thing is one big gimmick.. The name is derived from (obviously to most people) Molotov and Ribbentrop... the forgers of the Third Reich and Russia pact during world war two.

Games Workshops logo is a combination of imagery used both by russians and germans during WW2 and that was my inspiration.

The palette was also chosen with this in mind, so I've used a "german uniform" colour for the armour.. this is not the colour that the germans used for their armour but I wanted to use a green as the russians did and when I noticed I had one with that name I took it immidiatly.
The chimeras and infantry were inspired by the SS corps of the germans.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Warmaster Undead

I recently bought the rest of what I needed to make a 2000 pts (and then some) warmaster undead army... while I was at it I grabbed a 2000 pts chaos army too.

I totally don't get the way undead are painted so I chose to make them all ghosts or illussions or whatever instead. I'm thinking that I'll use some normal wizards as characters and call the army an "illussionist army" - suitably tied with the old Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.

I always liked fantasy, but lately I've realised that WFB is an absolutely astonishingly crappy game! I've realised that the chaos marauder army that I've spent time and a lot of money to collect is completely useless as A) it has no magic and B) It has no shooting... Appearently in the WFB world these elements cannot be evaded or you will be squared by anything you meet.

Not really the old dark and sinister fantasy world that I used to like. Actually reminds me of D&D or something. Everythings BLUE AND FILLED WITH MAGIC!

Oh well...

Not much else to report. Epic is finally getting somewhere in these parts now.. only a couple of years too late. Seems like GW is letting it go,.. but they not really making anything now either so any halt in production will probably be indifferent and unfelt. Got to love ebay.

Been trying out Warmachine and Confrontation too... both fantasy skirmish games. Confrontation was a bit of a letdown. But the new version of the rules promises to do something about some of the weird stuff. Perhaps they'll even be written in readable English!

Warmachine was ok. Nothing revolutionary. The mechanics for turn and movement set it somewhere between 40k and epic. It's 28mm and the minis are quite good looking.
My main problem is probably that none of the available factions realy TRULY appeal to me. There isn't a sinister pesky circus horde army like Midnor dwarves or Orks.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Operation Overlord

Some days ago I bought some Italeri 1/72 minis. I bought because I want to play a game called Operation Overlord. This game should be a good split between "historism" and action. In other words it's not a ridicolous attempt to hollywoodize WW2 and it hasn't got as limited a gameplay as other games.

Personally I don't care much for too much realism.. come on - we're playing miniature games! And when I think "World War 2" I want loads of troops and tanks battling it out over the green fiels of normandy. Such battles might never have taken place, but part of historic wargaming is also to think "what if?". And so loads of tanks and infantry is a big "what if!" to me :D.

I actually think the detail on these is quite amazing!

The minis are en soft plastic. Well ok not that soft, but still - softer than you're average GW figurine. This means that some drastic measures are needed for painting. Luckily the internet is full of great ideas as how to cope with the problem of paint coming off.
At 5£ for 50 soldiers I'm willing to go a lenght to figure out how to make it work.

First thing I heard was that I needed to wash them.. well - jobs done!

Secondly I was told that I should simply paint them directly with acrylic black. I tried that with Vallejo colours... didn't work!

Next I heard that I should paint the with dilluted white glue.. so that's the next step! And after that they'll get some chaos black! That's two coats of white glue by the way!

I sure hope it'll work!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Total Weekend

This weekend has been total urban war.. nothing more to it! I've been playing at least a game every day and friday saw me playing two games against Torben from Billund who was momentarily in town to see some jazz.

First we played the King of The Hill scenario (I think) and then later on we did a deathmatch 50%. In the last game I used 6 militias using the rules from issue 3. This proved to be quite a task to workout, but in the end, when we finally got to the playing part, it was relatively easy to just look them up on the piece of paper that I'd written for them. Each militia had a number on his base for reference.

Torben played a nicely painted viridian army and I used my VASA regulars.

However - yesterday the rest of my ebaydeals came rolling in... that was 15 marines, 13 assault marines and a lot of other goodies. I tried playing with two HMG's, 6 marines and a sniper against MadsWolle's viridians.. interesting game - only not! I was so lucky with everything I did that it almost didn't make sense!
My sniper was the man of the match as I rolled three 10's in a row when trying to shoot a shock marine at extreme range.. and the marine failed his save! Smashing!
The same sniper went on to shoot another shocker and one of my colonials shot an interdict.. the game was a "Crashed Shuttle" not that it mattered much anyway! hehe!

Today we're probably going to try a game written by Torben, don't recall the name but it's supposed to be fantasy UW or just plain fantasy skirmish. I've been wanting to use my fantasy miniatures for a long time but I think the Games Workshop fantasy is rather boring so I don't really play it alot.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Urban War premiere!

Finally we got around to do a premiere of Urban War. It was a really good day for everyone I think. We played two battles each (bar Mads, who only managed one) including a three way chaotic death match. I only managed to roll 5+ once or so in the entire game and it was a bit dissappointing.. the other guys had fun though!
But we all know that entirely bad dicerolling can make anything a bad experience.

I was thrilled to see that the other guys liked the game though. Would have been a total disaster if they thought it sucked!

My second game was against Marks viridians. Points size was 300.

He had the following troops:

4 x Colonial Marines
1 x HMG Weapons Team

4 x Special Forces
1 x Shock Marine

1 x Shock Marine

I had VASA:

4 x Retainer w/ Naginata
2 x Retainer w/ Gauss Rifle

2 x Retainer w/ Gauss Rifle
2 x Sumotori w/ Club

1 x Triad Boss
1 x Hatamoto Viper Wing

1 x Triad Boss

We played till one side had lost 50%... which happened to me quite quickly as everytime I initiated a fight I lost the roll to strike first and subsequently got killed. Hatamoto or not - nothing beats a CAL0 Marine!? Hehe

I was a good game though.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Urban War fest hos Thorbjørn

Ja så oprandt dagen hvor fik vores levarence fra Kerberos Games. Her er det lykkedes at fange en specielt penibel situation (indholdet er ukendt), men det lader til at det kommer enomrt bag på Bech der må slippe sin tang og holde sig for munden af grin.

De mange figurer viste sig at være dejligt fine og det eneste minus var at der var tre ens figurer i en af Christians blisters.

På lørdag bli'r der udsendt tæskehold i Iskandria og jeg har forhåbentligt fået bygget mit seje builder terræn færdigt til den tid.. men hold da op hvor ta'r det lang tid at klippe det ud!

Personerne er til venstre Thorbjørn, i midten Christian Bech og i den røde trøje er det Mark

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Into the Void

I always thought that there was something about the Void models.

Their simplicity reminds me of 2nd ed Warhammer 40.000 models.
They still have that slight ironic comedy thing going about them. There's no hint of anything dark or gothic.

I like it! Hehe. And I talked my friend Christian into buying a Koralon Arakterex so before he know's it we'll probably be trying it out in a game of void.. because I've maybe gotten my hands on no less than 3 behemoths, 2 terrasaurs and a HOST of marines!

Here's some pictures of the models I'm talking about. Their simpler than the GW detail we're oh so used to, but man... they're BIG! Takes me back to when I played with G.I. Joe action figures some years ago. (hehe)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Buy frenzy!

I've recently been swinging my credit card rather vividly.

What this means exactly is that I've ordered a 300 pts Confrontation force,a 400 points Urban War force and finally I've tried to bid on two Void vehicles on ebay just for the hell of it!

I also bought some of those nicely looking Builder Sets for UW so we can get some "walkway to walkway"-action going!

I'm really looking forward to playing loads of games in the Void universe, as it really seems very interesting. One of the features of the background that I really like is that the conflict is mainly between humans of different factions.Not a lot of aliens and the like. Well there are the koralon, but they've only just emerged.

Monday, June 20, 2005

URBAN WAR: Evolve or Die

Here's a picture of my latest addiction!

It's pure... it ain't GW and it's sweeeeeeeeet!

I'm currently getting into the Triad gangs and this is a couple of my retainers - thugs for the mighty commanders of the Triad houses.

I really love the minis and the setting seems really great too!

I'm gonna play it sometime this week, so I'll probably post more blather on it then.

If you live in Scandinavia the minis are available from this online store: Kerberos Games

Monday, May 30, 2005

Iron Warriors for Epic

I tried out my new Iron Warriors list for Epic Armageddon the other day.

I played The Emperors Grandeur Space Marines and he took the Iron Warriors.

I tried to put a bit of everything in the list, so it was probably a very weak SM list. Best thing was a Thunderhawk with two devastator detachments.

In the end I got away with a small closefought victory...
Without demons, raptors and bikes the chaos list suffered a lot.. the new basilisk option and vindicator option didn't really cut it.

I'll be introducing formations of vindicators to the list instead of just upgrades.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Vrålerenka Trolls BB Team

This is a commision for a friend. We're starting a Blood Bowl league in my local club in a month and I said I'd help him paint and convert a team for him. The models are Chaos Marauders and will be used under the Norsca team list. Pictured here is 3 blitzers, 1 catcher and a lineman

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

End of EPIC hiatus

These weeks have been totally EPIC! I've been working on Alaitoc Eldar, The Emperors Grandeur Space Marines Chapter and finally The Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Necron Tomb

My first ever army had it's first ever reinforcements a couple of days ago!

It now amends to an amazing 2000+ pts... and I still haven't got anything but warriors, immortals and scarabs... and a measly two necron lords!

I quess I better start getting some destroyers and maybe even a monolith done!
Thing is that I'm trying to convert the new ugly lego-like models to like the old much more archaic looking metal models! I think I made a post earlier in this blog on how I did a destroyer.. don't really remember though!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Lost and The Rusty Sentinal

Here's a sentinel.. one of a pair I made in the past few days.

And yes - the model isn't completely done... In fact I doubt that I will ever display a completely done model in these pages!

The sentinel will go with my Lost and The Damned army. The story behind the army suggests that no care is given to maintain the vehicles and that the sheer vast quantities of vehicles add up for this...

The minions of chaos don't bother spending time to paint their rides in fairy colours and instead choose to have them in plain metal, which will over time rust (if the vehicle survives that long) into the look you've got here.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

April Month

I've begyn to collect forces of good and evil for the Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game.

I must admit that I never ever in my whole life had expected that I would be doing this. Why am I doing this!? Well - I just don't remember. But being the mother of all fantasy fiction sure has something to do with it. I'm not a great fan of the films - only visually.

Here are first the forces of good:
Image hosted by

I've also been touching up upon my Lost and The Damned army. I've finally found a paint scheme - rust! And I've been making plague zombies and traitors galore!

Accompaigning the zombies are these Marines. I wanted them to look old and mystical, so I swapped their heads for some fantasy ones.

Image hosted by
For the interest of BOTH my chaos armies I've been experimenting with miliput and trying to sculpt something all by myself.. I've never been a hack with greenstuff, but I like the result.

Finally a good friend and I have started to look into some historical World War 1 gaming. I'm really looking forward to playing it, although we're having a little slow start. The miniatures we've bought are from Renegade Miniatures.. and I don't think we'll be using them again as there is generally too much excess and bad moulding in the batch we've gotten. At 20£ for 20 figs I don't think that is tolerable. Next time we'll use whom I have a very good experience with and whom has a vast line of great war models.