Monday, May 30, 2005

Iron Warriors for Epic

I tried out my new Iron Warriors list for Epic Armageddon the other day.

I played The Emperors Grandeur Space Marines and he took the Iron Warriors.

I tried to put a bit of everything in the list, so it was probably a very weak SM list. Best thing was a Thunderhawk with two devastator detachments.

In the end I got away with a small closefought victory...
Without demons, raptors and bikes the chaos list suffered a lot.. the new basilisk option and vindicator option didn't really cut it.

I'll be introducing formations of vindicators to the list instead of just upgrades.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Vrålerenka Trolls BB Team

This is a commision for a friend. We're starting a Blood Bowl league in my local club in a month and I said I'd help him paint and convert a team for him. The models are Chaos Marauders and will be used under the Norsca team list. Pictured here is 3 blitzers, 1 catcher and a lineman

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

End of EPIC hiatus

These weeks have been totally EPIC! I've been working on Alaitoc Eldar, The Emperors Grandeur Space Marines Chapter and finally The Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Necron Tomb

My first ever army had it's first ever reinforcements a couple of days ago!

It now amends to an amazing 2000+ pts... and I still haven't got anything but warriors, immortals and scarabs... and a measly two necron lords!

I quess I better start getting some destroyers and maybe even a monolith done!
Thing is that I'm trying to convert the new ugly lego-like models to like the old much more archaic looking metal models! I think I made a post earlier in this blog on how I did a destroyer.. don't really remember though!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Lost and The Rusty Sentinal

Here's a sentinel.. one of a pair I made in the past few days.

And yes - the model isn't completely done... In fact I doubt that I will ever display a completely done model in these pages!

The sentinel will go with my Lost and The Damned army. The story behind the army suggests that no care is given to maintain the vehicles and that the sheer vast quantities of vehicles add up for this...

The minions of chaos don't bother spending time to paint their rides in fairy colours and instead choose to have them in plain metal, which will over time rust (if the vehicle survives that long) into the look you've got here.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

April Month

I've begyn to collect forces of good and evil for the Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game.

I must admit that I never ever in my whole life had expected that I would be doing this. Why am I doing this!? Well - I just don't remember. But being the mother of all fantasy fiction sure has something to do with it. I'm not a great fan of the films - only visually.

Here are first the forces of good:
Image hosted by

I've also been touching up upon my Lost and The Damned army. I've finally found a paint scheme - rust! And I've been making plague zombies and traitors galore!

Accompaigning the zombies are these Marines. I wanted them to look old and mystical, so I swapped their heads for some fantasy ones.

Image hosted by
For the interest of BOTH my chaos armies I've been experimenting with miliput and trying to sculpt something all by myself.. I've never been a hack with greenstuff, but I like the result.

Finally a good friend and I have started to look into some historical World War 1 gaming. I'm really looking forward to playing it, although we're having a little slow start. The miniatures we've bought are from Renegade Miniatures.. and I don't think we'll be using them again as there is generally too much excess and bad moulding in the batch we've gotten. At 20£ for 20 figs I don't think that is tolerable. Next time we'll use whom I have a very good experience with and whom has a vast line of great war models.