Monday, July 18, 2005

Operation Overlord

Some days ago I bought some Italeri 1/72 minis. I bought because I want to play a game called Operation Overlord. This game should be a good split between "historism" and action. In other words it's not a ridicolous attempt to hollywoodize WW2 and it hasn't got as limited a gameplay as other games.

Personally I don't care much for too much realism.. come on - we're playing miniature games! And when I think "World War 2" I want loads of troops and tanks battling it out over the green fiels of normandy. Such battles might never have taken place, but part of historic wargaming is also to think "what if?". And so loads of tanks and infantry is a big "what if!" to me :D.

I actually think the detail on these is quite amazing!

The minis are en soft plastic. Well ok not that soft, but still - softer than you're average GW figurine. This means that some drastic measures are needed for painting. Luckily the internet is full of great ideas as how to cope with the problem of paint coming off.
At 5£ for 50 soldiers I'm willing to go a lenght to figure out how to make it work.

First thing I heard was that I needed to wash them.. well - jobs done!

Secondly I was told that I should simply paint them directly with acrylic black. I tried that with Vallejo colours... didn't work!

Next I heard that I should paint the with dilluted white glue.. so that's the next step! And after that they'll get some chaos black! That's two coats of white glue by the way!

I sure hope it'll work!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Total Weekend

This weekend has been total urban war.. nothing more to it! I've been playing at least a game every day and friday saw me playing two games against Torben from Billund who was momentarily in town to see some jazz.

First we played the King of The Hill scenario (I think) and then later on we did a deathmatch 50%. In the last game I used 6 militias using the rules from issue 3. This proved to be quite a task to workout, but in the end, when we finally got to the playing part, it was relatively easy to just look them up on the piece of paper that I'd written for them. Each militia had a number on his base for reference.

Torben played a nicely painted viridian army and I used my VASA regulars.

However - yesterday the rest of my ebaydeals came rolling in... that was 15 marines, 13 assault marines and a lot of other goodies. I tried playing with two HMG's, 6 marines and a sniper against MadsWolle's viridians.. interesting game - only not! I was so lucky with everything I did that it almost didn't make sense!
My sniper was the man of the match as I rolled three 10's in a row when trying to shoot a shock marine at extreme range.. and the marine failed his save! Smashing!
The same sniper went on to shoot another shocker and one of my colonials shot an interdict.. the game was a "Crashed Shuttle" not that it mattered much anyway! hehe!

Today we're probably going to try a game written by Torben, don't recall the name but it's supposed to be fantasy UW or just plain fantasy skirmish. I've been wanting to use my fantasy miniatures for a long time but I think the Games Workshop fantasy is rather boring so I don't really play it alot.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Urban War premiere!

Finally we got around to do a premiere of Urban War. It was a really good day for everyone I think. We played two battles each (bar Mads, who only managed one) including a three way chaotic death match. I only managed to roll 5+ once or so in the entire game and it was a bit dissappointing.. the other guys had fun though!
But we all know that entirely bad dicerolling can make anything a bad experience.

I was thrilled to see that the other guys liked the game though. Would have been a total disaster if they thought it sucked!

My second game was against Marks viridians. Points size was 300.

He had the following troops:

4 x Colonial Marines
1 x HMG Weapons Team

4 x Special Forces
1 x Shock Marine

1 x Shock Marine

I had VASA:

4 x Retainer w/ Naginata
2 x Retainer w/ Gauss Rifle

2 x Retainer w/ Gauss Rifle
2 x Sumotori w/ Club

1 x Triad Boss
1 x Hatamoto Viper Wing

1 x Triad Boss

We played till one side had lost 50%... which happened to me quite quickly as everytime I initiated a fight I lost the roll to strike first and subsequently got killed. Hatamoto or not - nothing beats a CAL0 Marine!? Hehe

I was a good game though.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Urban War fest hos Thorbjørn

Ja så oprandt dagen hvor fik vores levarence fra Kerberos Games. Her er det lykkedes at fange en specielt penibel situation (indholdet er ukendt), men det lader til at det kommer enomrt bag på Bech der må slippe sin tang og holde sig for munden af grin.

De mange figurer viste sig at være dejligt fine og det eneste minus var at der var tre ens figurer i en af Christians blisters.

På lørdag bli'r der udsendt tæskehold i Iskandria og jeg har forhåbentligt fået bygget mit seje builder terræn færdigt til den tid.. men hold da op hvor ta'r det lang tid at klippe det ud!

Personerne er til venstre Thorbjørn, i midten Christian Bech og i den røde trøje er det Mark

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Into the Void

I always thought that there was something about the Void models.

Their simplicity reminds me of 2nd ed Warhammer 40.000 models.
They still have that slight ironic comedy thing going about them. There's no hint of anything dark or gothic.

I like it! Hehe. And I talked my friend Christian into buying a Koralon Arakterex so before he know's it we'll probably be trying it out in a game of void.. because I've maybe gotten my hands on no less than 3 behemoths, 2 terrasaurs and a HOST of marines!

Here's some pictures of the models I'm talking about. Their simpler than the GW detail we're oh so used to, but man... they're BIG! Takes me back to when I played with G.I. Joe action figures some years ago. (hehe)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Buy frenzy!

I've recently been swinging my credit card rather vividly.

What this means exactly is that I've ordered a 300 pts Confrontation force,a 400 points Urban War force and finally I've tried to bid on two Void vehicles on ebay just for the hell of it!

I also bought some of those nicely looking Builder Sets for UW so we can get some "walkway to walkway"-action going!

I'm really looking forward to playing loads of games in the Void universe, as it really seems very interesting. One of the features of the background that I really like is that the conflict is mainly between humans of different factions.Not a lot of aliens and the like. Well there are the koralon, but they've only just emerged.