Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blood Angels Force

This monday I started working on a Blood Angels force. I've been planning to do both Black Templars and Blood Angels for a long time.. Initially I wanted to use the new chassis vehicles for the Blood Angels and the old chassis for the Templars. Now I no longer care. The prices for the new vehicles are ridiculous and the casting is horrible, so screw that!
In fact the force on the picture would be about 69£ on the MO store..

Painting: I use a Blood Angels spray for undercoat. Next I wash the minis in black ink. Paint the trims black. Done.

This is the only conversion featured in the army. All my jump infantry will look like this.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Race to the Sea

These are the first of many (MANY!) german World War 1 models that I've bought. I've decided to use the magic ink approach.. which means that I'll just give the figs some base colours and then soil them with brown ink giving them shadows and whatever in an instant.
They're probably not a 100% historically accurate, but I don't give a flying fart about it,. hehe.. oh well - I do, but I've not been able to find satisfying picture material to paint from.. so if you spot any mistakes - they're deliberate! hmpf!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Adeptus Tintin

It's been a while since my last post but none the less I've been very busy!

First of all - taking all my time - my Peter Pig World War 1 miniatures have arrived! I've been all over them the last day or two. They're really great looking and I'm just getting more and more into the whole 15mm thing! It looks great, it's grand and it's affordable!

Well today I finished up a display "dish" for Epic and some Adeptus Mechanicus leman russ tanks too. They're really old and they sort of remind me of something Hergé did in some of his albums.

Other than that I've been doing some more Warmachine minis too. Or rather - minis FOR warmachine. It's my evil cossack guard I'm talking about - they've been based and are ready for paint.

I've also finished some Man O War shock troopers, and most of you will probably not have a clue about why I've painted them this way... try thinking out of the box - it's khador, it's cold - so I took down that road instead of the red like russia thing.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Future War

Five M1A1 Abrams.

Ten T-72

Today I got around to do some GHQ tanks that I bought who knows when. The idea is to use them for some sort of "europe in flames" future speculative. It'll probably be
based on the Epic Armageddon game system as it's fairly easy and action filled.

The tanks are just drybrushed some standard military colours and there's nothing to it.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Peter Pig Germans

I finally got around to do some models that have been lying around my flat for years. They are Peterpig WW2 infantry with schmeissers. Or whatever the weapon is called.

I undercoated them black and gave them a Vallejo German Uniform overhaul... the helmets were painted in cold grey mixed with black ink. Guns were painted black mixed with a little grey.. boots got the same treatment.
Skin was painted scorched brown and the topped with dwarf flesh both from GW.

I hope I find the rest of the models some day as they're really cool to paint and I'm just in that mood.. in fact I think I'll order some WW1 models from PP just to get that WW1 project done. It began in 28mm but that's just way too expensive - hooray for PP!

Monday, October 03, 2005


During my downtime period with no internet I kind accidentally bought some warmachine minis and painted them up. This here's Kommandant Irusk accompaignied by two warjacks - a Juggernaught on the left and a Destroyer on the right.

I've modified the gun of the destroyer as I thought it was a bit too weenie..

Actually I didn't give the original Khador red theme much thought as it really wasn't what I wanted to do. Instead I undercoated the models tinbitz, then gave them an overhaul with boltgun metal, before giving them my secret ink. After that treatment they were painted in russian uniform colours from Vallejo Model Colour in some of the flat areas. Lastly I took a sponge and tapped on white till it looked patchy and kind of like they did it on the T-tanks during WW2.

I'm gonna paint the infantry with blue skin highlighted up to elf flesh. The theme of the army is a cross between old horror movies and the russian army. I think I'll be using some Gothic Horror models for infantry instead of the Winter Guard ones that PP make - those are really ugly sculpts I think. I'd rather have the Evil Cossacks from Goth Horror instead.

I'm also going to be using the werewolf models as doom reavers I think.

And well - sooner or later I better get Vlad as he kind of fits the bill of an evil vampire overlord quite nicely.

Let me know what you think.

Defending Molotrop

The skies were torn asunder by storm and lightning as the aliens approached the heavily guarded digging site. The troops of Molotrop had put down a defensive ring all around the Adeptus Mechanicus team.

A mighty Imperator Titan owned the entire battlefield from the center of the line.

Suddenly all hell broke lose as the eldar vehicles came sweeping in from all over. The city guard in the two big imperial habitats lying just before the front were quickly overrun and hacked to smithereens.

Although the attack seemed strong and focused it was but a drop in the ocean compared to the firepower of the Imperator. It opened up with mighty salvoes plasma fire and took out the eldar titan in a single shot.

After this the eldar perished. Their morale bottomed out.

"A fine display Kapitan!", the head of the adeptus was impressed.