Friday, November 25, 2005

Epic Battle: Space Marines vs. Lost and The Damned

We played 2000 pts epic armageddon battle. My opponent was Mads who was not very experienced in playing EA. In fact it was his first game with LATD. So I took a really horrible SM army. Or at least an army that wouldn't cause him too much trouble.

The SM army I had:
1 x Tactical Det, 2 x Terminator Det, 2 x Landraider Det, 1 x devastator Det.

Coven - Traitors & fire support
Coven - Traitors, 12 land transporters and fire support
Coven - Traitors, some big mutants and fire support
4 Demon engines of Khorne
1 Lord of Battle
6 Leman Russ

The battle was shortlived as my shooting hardly made any difference and the only assault of any significance to me was my tacticals breaking one of the covens with support from the devastators. My termies tried blitzing him but found themselves gunned down by the two covens that laid in wait.
The Lord of Battles refused to do anything he was told so we never got to see him hack landraiders apart. His shooting did however hack something apart.

In short I spread my army too thin instead of enganging his formations more in a one on one style action. My termies was completely wasted by teleporting. They might as well've been bought with the landraiders and have ridden in them.

I was cool to play some EA though. And I wish Mads good luck with getting his army done so we can have real fun!