Sunday, December 18, 2005

Painting: Fallout Werewolf Biker

I must have fallen asleep on the coach yesterday.. at least that's where I woke up this morning at 0600! Last thing I remembered was watching "Grumpy Old Men" with the rest of my family.

So what do you do at 6'o'clock in the morning!? You start painting! I recieved some minis for a game called Road Kill a couple of days ago, so that's what I took on.

Not much to say about the painting... it's painted with colours and it was fun.

I'm looking forward to playing with the GOALsystem rules. Although I've never seen so bad editing before I must say they look really solid.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Painting: WW1 German Jägers and Infantry

I seem to have a lot of time on my hands - time to get some of those WIP's done.

Here a longrunning project: World War One germans. I'm nowhere near done yet, but I'm getting there. Step by step. I had a bit of trouble getting the camera to focus the right way... but what the hell!

They've all been painted nicely and then splattered in mud (graveyard earth - from Games Workshop). I've tried to make it evident that all sorts of different equipment was given to the soldiers. Thus they all have different boots, jackets, pants and so on.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Painting: Heinrich The Mad Butler

A Maniac from RAFM Call of Cthulhu miniatures. I dubbed him Heinrich The Mad Butler.
The paintjob was - as with Ygor - rather simple. Two highlights on the skin and one on the black.
I dirtied up his shoes and legs to give sort of a muddy impression. Everybody knows it always
rains in horror movies, so naturally it must be muddy too.

Painting: Epic Demons

These demons are originally from Warmaster, but given the amount of models available for Epic Armageddon these days, you just have to learn to "Do It Yourself".

I did 20 of each. That should keep me covered for some time I think.

Bloodletters was undercoated white, drowned in red, horns snakebite, weapons silver. And then an ink over it all

Plaguebearers were drybrushed english uniform or goblin green, and after that dwarf fleshed was drybrushed on.. and then an ink over it all. Weapons painted brown and then orange.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Panting: Ygor Must Serve!

I painted Dr. Frankensteins little helper today.
Focussed on earthtones and tried to make the head look like that of Eddie the Monster.

The paintjob was fairly simple and I only did one or two highlights. The mini was undercoated black, so I left some of the recesses black when basecoating.
I'm overall pleased with the job which took about 1½ hours. There will probably be some more detail work done to it, but on the other hand it's not like I'm going to a show with it!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Warmaster 1848

Yesterday we had a game of Warmaster 1848 - War between Denmark and Germany (german states).

I haven't actually tried the warmaster rules before, but I've read them once a long time ago. There sure is A LOT to think of when you're completely new to the game. It's fairly easy to position ones troops in complete idiotic ways making all sorts of chain events.

The armies on both sides were totally identic, so it was all up to skill - and dice!

Unfortunently I didn't possess either so I was in for quite a beating. It was good fun though. I'd happily play it again - with automated heavy machineguns on my side!