Tuesday, May 27, 2008

301st Mobile Infantry, Sounding Off!

Well, I finally got around to take a couple of snapshots on what I've been working on for some time. Seen here, for the first time on the internet, are elements of the 301st USF Mobile Infantry for my upcoming game Conquest Galactica.

Elements of 301st

Gamma Squad, Alpha Platoon

'Rodger Young' Light Assault Mecha

IFF Gun Turret


Technicians of the Fleet

Technicians of the Fleet

'Provider' Utility Transport column

'Chariot' APC Section

'Chariot' APC Column

'Chariot' APC with 20mm Autocannon



  1. Ok I'll try again.

    Great show! I really like the miniatures. In fact I'm beginning to feel tempted!

    What could really win me over would be the advent of doing some ruined city terrain that could work for my WW2 games too.

    Also - have you got suggestions for minis I could use to represent "the Cobra"? It would be inspired by 1980's G.I. Joe criminal organisation. Of course less silly.

  2. Oh dear, tempted are we? Then I prolly shouldn't rant on how cheap it's going to be to get a small army for this game? ;)

    As to the 15mm sci-fi/WW2 crossover terrain I've been thinking the same thing. After all, Soviet style concrete buildings will never go out of style. Will have to look into it soonish.

    Hrm. Well, there's the New Israelis with Khayeffi (sic) from Ground Zero Games; they might work for a more middle-eastern flavoured figures. But it really depends on what sort of 'not-Cobra-Cobra' you're looking for?

  3. The Cobra to my mind is sort of a quasi-yakuza but more techy and so.

    There's the blue standard trooper, with a ninja-like facemask.

    The white ninja is also quite defining: http://www.totallygraphic.net/j4sale/featured/storm.jpg