Friday, May 23, 2008

Hairspray Queen

In preperation for my Vietnam outing this 22 june I've been making some "in scale" trees.

I find the trees you're able to buy in the stores to be quite small.. putting it possitive.
Real life trees are vast easily 10 meters or more. I've tried to capture that with this batch of trees.

They are made with a branch, a hairspray, some black wool and modelling train flok/foilage.

A downed huey and two US infantry. All Italeri and 1:72 scale.

Two russian 28mm Black Tree Design miniatures for scale


  1. Love the result, apart from the size, the trees you can buy often looks like there's a squad of gardeners standing by 24/7 to trim the trees.

  2. What do you mean "apart from the size" you insulent snob!

  3. Your trees are like big fallic symbols, I was merely thinking you were compensating for something

  4. Your mother was a dog and your camel shits like a whore!