Friday, May 30, 2008

Landraider Down: Preview

Just a quick heads up to show that I have indeed been working on my Landraider Down scenario:

Landraider Down

It is just a few moments ago that the artillery shells had stopped pounding on the advance of the Blue Falcon Space Marines as they were advancing through the dense undergrowth of the vast forests of Corealis.

Their advanced had initially been halted by these sporadic, yet deadly, artillery shells but now the road ahead lied free of any enemy forces. Or at least, this was the belief of the Imperial Commander; Lord Thorstein von Werfberg and he had ordered elements of the 3rd Detachment to advance as quickly as possible to catch the retreating Orks in a pincher move. Spread out over a vast area to ensure their sweeping advance, each Landraider and accompanying squads were evenly spread with 5 Sanctioned Imperial kilometres between them to ensure that no Ork encampments were missed.

Initial reports had indicated that the Ork activity along these areas were ‘scattered and light’ and that ‘[the] enemy were running low on high end explosives and similar weaponry and should be no match for our Imperial Armour’ and the brave Space Marines of the Blue Falcons had covered more than 25 kilometers in this advance. Their spirits were high, but suddenly their cries of triumph on their vox caster network were interrupted by an automated – and highly mechanical – voice that kept repeating –


Space Marine Captain Ezekiel of the Blue Falcons knew well that he could not stop their flanking manoeuvre in order to rescue their battle brothers. He ordered for all squads on foot to come to the aid of the downed Landraider Sparrow; provided that they were within 3 kilometres from its crash site. But no sooner had the order been given before the whole of the line erupted in frantic reports of massive enemy movement towards the position of Sparrow.

He knew then that this was no mere lucky and stray shot but a true ambush; the marines had to be saved while the flank turned about. Those squads closest to the Sparrow would have to hold the line on their own…


  1. Sejt! Skal vi så lave en crashed land raider til scenariet? Og måske 1-2 andre vrag (helt udbrændte)

    Jeg tror - landskabsvist - at det kunne se fedt ud med et 6x8 bord strøget med klipper, sten og småsten og den havererede land raider i midten.

    Lidt tæpperester under her og der, lidt lichen på udvalgte pletter og så burde den være i vinkel!

  2. Well, teknisk set så skal den ikke være crashed som sådan. Men hvis jeg siger meget mere ødelægger jeg jo spændingen ved scenariet ;)
    Dog kan jeg vist med ro i sjælen afsløre at der IKKE er flere crashed fartøjer i nærheden.

    Og 6x8 er i mit snævre syn umiddelbart lidt for stort - men jeg er jo åbenbart kendt for at tage fejl, hehe!

    Jeg har en nogenlunde plan og det betyder også lige et par bygninger og sådan lidt. Hm, måske er 6 x 8 ikke så vildt. Vi ser på det.

  3. Hmm I believe I forgot we were using English as primary language here... hehe!

    My enthusiasm got the better of me!

    I've linked us a bunch of places though and I think I'll revert to english then..