Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lack of updates

I apologize to the oncoming masses that no updates are being made.

As it is now I'm busy doing other things and as the keen observer will have noticed, I am really the only one posting anything anyway.

Don't hesitate to leave. Nothing will be happening here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mercenary Mech Force

A little update here. I can't claim I've painted these. All I did was rebase them on to something proper looking instead of the "jetons" they came on.

No idea what they'll be used for. Perhaps Torbens Conquest Galactica? Or CAV? Or Sci-Fi Commander when it comes?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rumble in The Jungle

Just a quick update with a "glamour shot". I've finished 6 fires now and they're looking great. The image is photofixed though as they don't "light up" in real life.

I could easyli do more of these but lack the time doing them.. as there are many other things begging for my attention at the moment.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Elladan Fire

I'm trying to make some fire pieces for my ruined city as done by

This first batch didn't turn out that well. I used too much paste and too much yellow. Last part can be fixed though.

This was my first try and I already know how to perfect them to the standard of elladan. At least that's my hope

Epic Ork Boar Riderz

I'm beginning to feel an Epic feeling once again and I've decided to finish some of the projects I started 5 years ago...

This one is an entire company (or ork equivalent) of Boar Boyz. It is my hope to make a truly epic scenario of "the last glorious boar charge in the Jyllanix war" at some point.

Osgiliath Ruins

I've been making some very cheap terrain pieces for gaming in Osgiliath. The plan is to make 16 of these pieces in all. That's enough to cover a 4x4 table with 4 ruins per 2' square.

The ruins are all corners. Thus they kan be put together to form outlays of buildings.

Victory at Sea British and German

I recieved reinforcements for my Victory at Sea fleets yesterday. I've promptly made bases for them and glued them on. There are quite a few ships in all. I deliberately chose to get more "small" ships as having only battleships is not really enough.

British Askaris

British Askaris rummaging through the mountains of Africa