Friday, June 13, 2008

Rumble in The Jungle

Just a quick update with a "glamour shot". I've finished 6 fires now and they're looking great. The image is photofixed though as they don't "light up" in real life.

I could easyli do more of these but lack the time doing them.. as there are many other things begging for my attention at the moment.


  1. That looks smashing!
    The temperature of the fire looks like its searing hot, sorta like something VERY volatile burning away really fast.
    You sure do get alot of things done, considering your S.O. is away.
    Do those kids just play wiht Lego and mind their own buisness the whole day?

  2. I don't know? All I've finished since 28. of May are these fires, the ruins and 8 askaris?

    That didnt consume a vast amount of time! :D

    My ongoing project with a Warmaster Stronghold is being held up by the fact that I have no superglue and no green stuff I can remember where I've put.

    The vietnam stuff has kind of taken on the "job"-feeling.. as I gotta have it done by the 22. of June.

    Ironically nothing can stall my process as a deadline!