Monday, December 24, 2012

Moles of Grimdark

 The Moles of Grimdark hail from the planet Grimdark in the Psylosobin quadrant. The native giant moles have been used as inspiration for the chapter's logo and their general way of warfare.
 They rely heavily on digging, mining, drilling and bulldozing their way to the enemy and sometimes just undermining entire forts to the surprise of unsuspecting targets.
The logo of the Grimdarkers - The Giant Mole of Grimdark.

I went for a quick and dirty very weathered theme to fit the fluff. Basicly I just left the black undercoat in place, washes and weathered my way to the finish. 


  1. Great stuff matey. Are these new?

  2. Thanks. Yeah. Painted today and yesterday.

  3. Very nice - good to see someone developing their own Chapter background for a change!