Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Saxon haters!

Yaaaarh! The Saxon pirates are ready to board the shore. OR if they've already boarded it in the setting we're playing, then they'll board some maidens instead - at a farmhouse near you! In fact maybe you've just been stabbed to death on a spear or you're hiding under you bed while they're pillaging and raping... Be ware!


  1. Looks like the tall guy at the front is a little confused as to how his shield works. Point him towards the handle ;-)

  2. He's looking at your men and going: 'Phah! If this is all they've got I'm not even gonna bother with a shield'

  3. Ah, my mistake. I thought that by carrying his shield like a handbag, he was merely showing the true mettle of your 'mighty' horde

  4. No no.. The hand bag thing is just him mocking your soldiers way to carry theirs. ;-D

  5. Always with the "oh they raping". Did anyone ever think that maybe these are honest businessmen, armed to defend their trade, and that local maidens are simply charmed by their manners and generosity? Norsemen _were_ well-known for bathing frequently and attending to their appearance, not exactly common for the time.

    1. Why do you say thaty bathing was infrequent elsewhere Allison and that other medieval cultures had no interest in their appearance. It seems a little stereotypical, but I'd be interested in any sources you are drawing on for this :-)

  6. Yeah I'm sure they brought the maidens when bathed as well.

    As least these Saxons did. Because they were a raping and pillaging Hollywood stereotypical lot.

    Cheers and happy new year.