Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Saxon Hearthguard

 Yeah baby! The Saxon Lord is now able to go to battle with a group of hearth guard that'll put the ax back in Sax for the enemy!
I tried to make up some suitable shield designs... in the end I went with everything from Sauron eye over Tim Burton to 'classic Viking lolly'


  1. They may offer to suck on them for a while, but you know choosy Brits can be ;-)

  2. Good work !

    They defenetly eat Stephens Brits, at least if they get them before the britts have time to form a shieldwall...

    Best regards Michael

  3. Tack!

    Yeah, we really have no clue about the game yet. We had a first 'go' at it a couple of weeks ago. Neither of us had bothered to read the actual rules so we tried gaming and reading in one go. Disaster! Hahaha! But laugh were had which is what counts.

    We've decided to have our forces done by February 1st and then game on from there.