Monday, December 23, 2013

Orks orks orks!

Phew... can't keep up the once a week pace anymore!

Well, I've finished some more Orkses.

Not much to add. Quick and dirty. That's how they like it.

Class of 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Born to Be Wild!

 In a fit of I don't know what I went back to painting some Ork vehicles. Indeed I think I might have to cancel my Zorro efforts and just have a go at the orks. I never really started the Zorro things yet anyway.
 I love Orks. Any shape or make. Almost. The GW ones are great, but I find the Marauders of Mantic just as good. I'm not a huge fan of the new style of GW orks, as they're all very alike, which sort of takes away from the character. I like my orks varied and not so serious.

 But mixing in a few of every manufacturer and a good bunch of old orkies will hopefully give the right mix.
 I also worked on an old tank that I started years ago. (I think it started it's life as an Lost and The Damned tank).
Not much to say... failed at decaling the gun barrel, but will give it another go later (or just add battle damage to the one I have put on).

Not much to say about the painting. Quick and dirty... wash and go.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Icy Dead People

 A few more bits for the Scavenge, Skirmish, Survive game that I'm planning. Some of the figures are actual corpse markers and some are actually zombies from Cold War miniatures.

 I thought zombies would do just fine as corpses though.

I also stuck in a thing from the outer stars.... In H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness there's this thing called a shoggoth. Weird sort of worker bee for an alien race. Anyways the Lovecraft story is set in a snowy environment as well, so I thought I might paint it up while I was doing snow anyway.

I have not dedicated a lot of time to painting or building since Horisont V but I've begun doing the walls for my SSS buildings. I'm still in limbo about whether to do an actual board (or boards) or another gaming mat. I might go with boards due to the snow, which requires quite a layer to look good.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Little Annie and the Wolves

 When mum had left to see what was over the ridge she'd told little Annie to wait by the trolley and 'guard it'.
When mum hadn't come back for the night little Annie had cried her eyes out.
When finally something came over the ridge it wasn't mum.
It was 5 sleek grey bodies chasing down the hill.

More stuff for the Scavenge, Skirmish, Survive game. I think the little girl here is actually made using a regular woman head, so the features of the head weren't that child like. I didn't really appreciate this fact before after painting... so maybe not the best looking girl ever.
 Standard everything otherwise. Grey misting over black undercoat. Thin layers of colour on top.

 Horrible close up to show gritty details.
Shopping trolley. Tried to write 'Brugsen' which is the local super market here.

The miniatures are all from miniatureMOJO but the two the wolves at the back, which are from MegaMiniaures. (or whereever the hell they've wound up since)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

6 mm VSF and big changes!

 I've made the decision to change the way I go about my hobby. I simply don't have the time anymore and that means that I need to structure things a bit more. Instead of the old 'working on 20 odd at any one point' I'll stick it all in boxes (nearly there) and just do 3 projects at once. Slavering on till it's done.

These three projects will - for now - be 6 mm VSF, Scavenge Skirmish Survive and Zorro Skirmish. The rest of my projects won't get any attention until I finish one of the above. Also I will play at least 10 games using each setup before I can it and start something new.

Why all the fuss? Well the other day I just looked around my basement and considered the fact that I have not finished a single project since The Vikings vs. Owlbears game in 2010! So I suppose it's about time I get something done.

I actually managed to finish a few bits for 6 mm VSF too. Here's the British command base. I'm going to play using the Grande Armée rules.

 I really love how the bases in Grande Armée can be made to look like little dioramas.

A lone guard on duty is pacing to and fro. 

 I also made some city bases to be used for major cities in the game. They're of course representative and look like hamlets rather than cities... but that's the way of wargaming!
 I have a small figure that could be Gordon, but I'm in two minds about putting it at the top of the stairs. Reason mainly that these would also work nicely for 6mm modern stuff or WWII.

Monday, November 04, 2013

BLAM 2013

I have just been to BLAM in Woking, England to have some beer and play games with regulars of the Lead Adventure Forum.

It was a 'jolly good show' as they say and I managed to play almost constantly.

Here is a small selection of images (borrowed from the others as I didn't bring my camera) from the different games I played:

The first game I played was Matakishi's Shadowman game. It was a huuuge display of modelling and I think one of his ideas was to use as much from his personal collection as he could get away with.

I played the part of a Shadowman and had to stop the Dead-do-doos from entering the living world. Unfortunately a dice rolling robot called Andrew May was our enemy on the other side so our Shadowmen got thrashed good.

The game took a good 5 hours so I didn't manage to play anything else on the Friday. I was never a fan of long games, but this was good fun.

Saturday morning I had a go at Predators by Eric the Shed. It was a fun quick game with hidden movement on behalf of the predators.
I completely failed to kill even a single human being and my co-predator took all the kills himself. That meant that not only did we loose to the human - I also lost to my rival.

 Next I play two games of Scavenge Skirmish Survive. Followers of this blog will perhaps recall that I'm doing something of the same myself, with Steve's wonderful figures.

 The set up was really gorgeous and had the exact right snowed in look about it.

The first game was played without  a set scenario and lacked a bit for it. This was not a surprise and in the end it wasn't a huge problem. The rules are still in beta-testing (as they say) and I'm certain a couple of layers of scenario will enrich it even more. 
 I especially liked the railway crossing. I'm afraid there's no real precedent for anything remotely like it in the rural outskirts of Denmark, but I guess I'll still feel inspired by it.

 After SSS I featured in a De'ath, Malamute and Bibbly production of Robin Hood. Not the naughty one...

 I played the part of Robert de Corbett (I think) and it is still unclear to me what my motivation was.
In the end I choose to arrest the bishop of Hereford and bring him to my king. The rules used were Sharpe Practise and even though I like that set, I think the numbers of players at the table took away from it.
I managed to get 4 go's before the game was over. They were a move, move, move and a fight. I was lucky though seeing NurgleHH who simply moved 4 times and never did anything else (ah well he did fall asleep at one point haha!).

Needless to say the set up looked fantastic and so did all the models. I think with a bit fewer players this would be a miniatures feast!

Last and only game for me on the Sunday, before I was out the, was the War of The Roses. The British seem taken with this conflict but I must admit that I know very little about it myself.
The system used was SISSy by Silent Invader and seemed to work just fine.

Having no real knowledge of the conflict I tried playing like it was 1648... and failed! I learned that guns were worthless at this point. So the base of my tactics was completely flawed hahahah! In the end it all worked out and we apparently managed to overthrow the farmhouse defenders we were battling!

In all BLAM 2013 was a really enjoyable experience. After BLAM 2012 I was not sure I thought it was all worth it, but now I feel invigorated and ready to do miniatures again. Of course personal issues are a factor in this as much as everything else. BLAM 2014 - brint it on!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thrullg, Feral Geist, Barnabas and a Croc

I finished the unit of gatormen now. And the first warlock for the force.

 I didn't really find a good way to paint the feral geist. I think the next one will have a different hue.

The thrullg is a real bad one I hope... he's my plan to handle warmachines at least.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Norman Crossbowmen

Kindly given to me by Janner from

Not the most fantastic paint job but I tried speed over quality. :-D

I'm quite happy to have finally found a way to photograph my miniatures so they look exactly like they look in real life without any added lighting or other shenanigans on the computer. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wizard and more Pulp

I finished an old Metal Magic Wizard for a painting challenge on

 The figure is one of the first I ever bought.. The original enamel paintjob was just painted over (never finished it... so it didn't really hurt).

He will now sub as my character Ingelbert Owllight in games of D&D Dragonlance which I've recently taken up again. 
Nothing much to add other than it was painted in an evening just before the challenge finished (after having had 6 weeks to do it........)

A couple of pulp dames more were also finished for Pulp Alley presentation game.

A 'she wolf' for the Kentucky game.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

6mm Bug Army

For the longest time I've wanted to do a Starship Troopers inspired VSF project called Steamship Troopers. Initially I started out with 28mm bugs and Perry Sudan British. But the time it takes to paint and the scale of the conflict just kept it from happening.

 Now I've finally finished something that could be used for the project. The armies are made from Baccus 6mm miniatures (the Brits) and various toy figures for the bugs (Halloween ants came in handy here).
 I think it looks rather good to be honest!
 The lady bug especially came out nice. The humongous ant isn't too bad either.