Monday, January 07, 2013

Adelwealh Saxon Champion of Evil

 I think every epic tale needs a Darth Vader. This is mine: The Saxon champion Adelwealth and some of his warriors.
 Adelwealh is 32 years old, adventurous and has a lust for power.

More of the standing grinding here...


  1. The Champion of Evil are a realy greate ideea, stunning work !

    best regards Michael

  2. Really nice brushwork.

    But did you sit and hummed the "imperial march" music while painting him ? ...dum dum dum di, di dum dum...

  3. Haha! Thanks! And glad you like it. I guess my 'hollywood' approach demands a villain in black. ;-)

    Nah, no Imperial March, I was listening to Mumford & Sons or Rachmaninov's 1st piano concerto ... don't recall which!

  4. Really love "Darth Vader" - what a cool looking villain you have painted!


  5. Thanks mate!

    Hope you like the improved version as well... just reposted.

    You're pirate stuff is just ace too... making me veer off my target! ;-D