Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Warginas

Warg Attack!

Finished a few more wargs.

 One of my lamps flipped over and bashed half of my painting table to the floor while fotographing... so the light were a bit less on this one. But in the end - I need to go over them again as I forgot white hands on the shields and red tongues in their mouths... and all the orcs teeth!!! I was a bit too much in a hurry to show some progress it seems.

Here is the entire almost painted lot of wargs. Yay! We're taking the hobbits to Isengard, to Isengard!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Uruk Hai Scouts

Back at the University again... means almost no updates! Oh well - can't help it.

But here's the next installment for my Isengard reconnaissance force:

I actually think these models are a lot more interesting and better than the regular Uruk Hai army figures. Unfortunately I only have 8 of these and 50 of the army guys... but... I'm not painting up any army guys just yet as I'm focusing on the skirmishes in Rohan with Dunlendings and scouting parties.

The Helms Deep stuff is almost the only place the army gets a go at anything I think!? And that's just one scenario.

On a side note my scouting force has received a lot of comments about cheese. Both the wargs and the scouts are apparently good entries in the book. I haven't tried them yet and I haven't even looked them up in the army list yet, but it's always nice to know that I'm not painting something I'll be canning straight afterwards...

Friday, February 08, 2013


I painted these wargs to go up against some Rohirrim that I think the good old janner is brewing up...

Not much to say about the painting; easy, quick and lackluster. Especially since the models were preowned by a guy who had an mould line vision impediment . :-D

I will see if I can get some liquid green stuff for the next batch.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Russian Squad & Medic

As I may have mentioned before I joined a painting challenge on a Danish forum. I chose to paint a Russian Bolt Action army.

It has little meaning to me right now, as janner and I have chosen departures of a different ilk. But once you choose to join something I think you owe it to the people behind to stick to it, so I'm labouring on with my Russians.

Here is a simple rifle squad. Or at least it appears to be. Two of the miniatures are actually wrong - one is a medic and the other is a guy who should be holding a tank rifle... but I've lost the rifle! I hope to find it again.

The miniatures are by Black Tree Design and Westwind Productions.

Final test of the gaming mat

 With a little help I got my gaming mat tested today. I hasn't warped the slightest bit and apart from the obvious parts where the texture of the sacking cloth shows through...
 Next time I will try a different more finely knitted kind of cloth. But on the whole I'm very very pleased by this experiment!!!
 The next mat will probably be a greyish endeavour as a mate and I have just decided that we want to make a lunar scape for diverse sci-fi gaming.

 A mat with a sea front will also be made I think, so I can do something like a sea raid with my Saxons and Vikings.
Here are the two helpers I had for the game. (I've got 4 in total but the little ones aren't any help at

By the way Aragorn bought the farm and Legolas legged it.