Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little Green Aliens

 I actually managed to paint something today, so this is not a pre-scheduled update!! Haha!
 A pair of little gren men seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. I'm going to make 30 in total. The figures were bought years ago (again I know- I'm really working through the pile...) but I only ever painting 10 and they were painted in grey and white. Boring me thinks.

And after seeing Matakishi's ( little green men at BLAM I knew I had to paint up some as well.

The idea is to colour code the squads. So here are members of the purple and blue squads. There'll be a red and yellow one too I think.

The little green men get ready to probe the lonely German sisters Gertrude & Gretchen who are living all on their own in the country side with no one to protect them....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crash Landed space ship

M ore 15mm business from my end. I've built a crashed spaceship out of a water gun. It's supposed to have sat in the ice for some time.
 I'm going to add some more snow later, but couldn't wait to take the photo. ;-D
 I found this robot lying around. I bought it years ago to play CAV. That never happened, but it is a good size for 15mm sci fi I think.
 Not the most interesting paint job, but I'm supposed to be the low life rebels refusing to give up their ore.
 A bit of ruinery seemed appropriate too. Very very very basic, but will make do.

Scale image.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Star Marines for Fireteam Andromeda

 Heavy support for the army
I've painted up a few 15mm Irregular Star Marines. They might not be the best sculpts ever but I think they're OK and do the job just fine. And they came to me at a decent price (=0). So I can't complain.

They'll be used in a set of rules by my mate of called Fireteam Andromeda.

Painting was done quickly with a sponge, wash of sepia, white highlights and then details.

For snow bases I tried using a mix of PVA, water, water effects and Games Workshop snow flock.. It didn't really pan out the way I hoped, so I'm still looking for a way to to that. You live, you learn.

I decided to paint a single squad in a different scheme. They could obviously be used as elites then...

I'm quite happy with the gun turret I converted from an old coffee capsule, a stick from flying base, a wooden pellet and a warmachine base. 
 This is the command for the army. I decided that each squad will have a different colour.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Caladrial XI Part 3

 Third part of my ongoing 2nd edition 40k campaign with my Orks at center stage. After the harrowing beating that they took in part I Skrodinga (who had by now recovered from the lascannon disaster at Hive Underhill) decided it was time to exact revenge on the Dark Angels who had whooped his arse.

To be frank Skrodinga was not acting on his own. A pair of new found 'friends' or 'allies' had joined his force and they seemed quit eager by the prospect of getting to deliver the axe to the Dark Angels. Skrodinga didn't really know what to think of them, but their mega armour seemed impressive and they had a lot of snazzy custom gear. So he guessed they could tag along for the raid. Although only if they kept their yap shut proper about the whole thing.

 Again this was a 1k game. I decided to choose units that were capable of either speed, stealth or neither. So I had a mob of kommandoes with a kaptin, a wartrakk, a mega armour warboss and lastly a dreadnought (can't do without!)

 I deployed my kommandoes hidden... or at least out of sight of the enemy! They stood around a while saying 'sssshhhh'

 The space marines were unaware, but still on guard. Always suspicious and secretive.

- As can be seen the boyz were making a real good job at deploying and hiding. A bullet proof plan!

The marine units were all on overwatch. Sneaky gitz. 

 The scouts initiative value allowed them to autospot the orks in turn 1... whooops! Major flaw in plan.

 The orks trying to think really quick and smart about what to do next, and then started running around firing their guns. The Ork art of stealth.

 THe scouts found the fire just a little too hot and ran off. By now several orks and scouts had bit the dust.

 The marine leader wanted to show his mean how to hit the nail with the hammer and promptly jammed has plasma gun.

All of the sudden a group of nasty buggers materialized!!! They were Chaos Space Marine Terminators. Or Snazzy Gitz as Skrodinga called them. What on earth had the deranged ork warlord brought upon the Dark Angels now?!

 The appearance of the new enemy made the Dark Angels relocate quickly.

Out of the blue a wartrakk came roaring with guns blazing! Three Marines took a bullet and hit the dirt. 
The terminators advanced behind a blistering blaze of heavy flamer fire! 3 marines more succumbed to the enveloping flames.

Suddenly Frede got the idea that ramming the few Kommandoes that were left was a good idea. Neither of us had any idea how it worked though...


 One of the orks got splattered all over the rhino's front but the three other boys sidestepped swiftly.

 Meanwhile a mexican shoot out of sorts was buildings up between the to metal monsters on main street.

 Who would still be standing in the end?

 The tumble weeds were flowing past..

 The suddenly the assault cannon roared and took off a leg of the Ork dreadnought.

 Not quite dead, the grot in the dread fired the lascannon and took of the assault cannon!

 The furious dreadnought rampaged in to close assault with the terminators but three powerfist were 2 too many.
Lastly the kommandoes clubbed the last marine to death. Victory was Ork. Or Chaos?!

As a last by here's a film where you actually see the fire markers by Frede in action:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Caladrial XI Campaign Part 2

Infuriated by the attack of the Dark Angels a mighty Ork Waaaargh was started.

The Waaargh Chief Skrodinga led his forces against a nearby Imperial Hive City on the equator of Caladrial XI.
Everything went pretty good on up till the point where the Waargh Chief Skrodinga bit a round of lascannon fire and
the whole wave suddenly lost it's impetus.

The Waaargh quickly dispersed into regular rampaging warbands that scattered all over the Hive. Most of them
were quickly subdued but some kept on fighting in the shadows in a guerilla like fashion.

The Orks objective was to seize as many guardsmen in close combat (ie capturing them) or to get enemy vehicles
close to their own board edge and take them out.

The terrain was set up rather symmetrical, but it work nicely

My warboss had taken a suit of mega armour as last outing showed me that a 6+ save isn't really worth counting on.

Also I had tried to hide my Weird Boy in a big old squad of Snakebiters but ---->

---> an enemy psyker managed to drag him out of the squad using assail! The poor Ork was now stood alone
-in front of a heavy bolter, an auto cannon and a lascannon... oh yeah and some guardsmen with flashlights also.

Have a look yourself

All the weapon teams were Dead Eye Shots allowing them to reroll misses. And the whole army had Divine Inspiration (+1 leadership strategy card)

The splatta guns proved to be quite effective weapons this game. They took forever to resolve though as
I was completely unable to roll misfire results. The things kept hopping around the battlefield killed everything
in their path.

I was less fortunate with the rest of my artillery. My Shokk Attack gun [i]did[/i] manage to send some snotlings into the ammo feed
of a heavy bolter team. And my traktor cannon pulled off the assault cannon of the enemy sentinel. Nice!

At the start of my 4th and final turn this was what the casualty pile looked like. Orks are not for lasting.

The lone and gunless sentinel was trying to secure yet another objective as the guard mission was to
take the three highest points on the board.

I was desperately trying to get into close combat but it proved difficult... firstly the line I had to follow was
rather bare and a lot of guns were trained on it, so running without shooting didn't seem like a good option and
secondly the guardsmen kept moving back!

My dreadnought had gotten one of it's legs damaged so it was only able to limp 1d3 per turn. We decided
that if it charged it would be 2d3 instead. Amazingly it did manage to assault some guardsmen and take out three of them!!!
Hooray for the limping dreadnought.

The rest of the force sat in cover and tried to shoot the enemy away... but the guardsmen were better
at the shooting game than the orks so in the end they won out on that.

Not even close!

Snap snap snap!!!

The last of the Snakebites break

Game over man!

We called it a draw. The victory points said something like IG:2 and Orks:1 and then you'd have to factor in all the casualties but we didn't bother. Looking
at it, it seemed 50/50.