Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crash Landed space ship

M ore 15mm business from my end. I've built a crashed spaceship out of a water gun. It's supposed to have sat in the ice for some time.
 I'm going to add some more snow later, but couldn't wait to take the photo. ;-D
 I found this robot lying around. I bought it years ago to play CAV. That never happened, but it is a good size for 15mm sci fi I think.
 Not the most interesting paint job, but I'm supposed to be the low life rebels refusing to give up their ore.
 A bit of ruinery seemed appropriate too. Very very very basic, but will make do.

Scale image.


  1. A water gun? Excellent reuse. It looks great as a crashed space ship.

  2. Yup! Kids broke one and I thought it looked almost like a spaceship. I added the rear engines (colour pen tops) and the turret on the side of the ship (some mech warrior bit).

  3. Nice work TS! Great use of the water pistol, it really looks the part!