Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Russian HMG speedy painty

 So here I am again, painting stuff very fast and not really bothering about it... Still doing a 'paint an army challenge' over at and well, what can I say. I'm sick of it, naturally! Just as challenges like that are supposed to be :-D
 To show the nature of the speed paint I have made these close ups. I hope it is clear that these are quick and dirty paint jobs.
 As usual the emphasis is on the skin and the faces.
I lost one of the wheels for the HMG when I stripped it of the previous owners work.

I actually don't think I would mind selling this force when I'm done painting it, as I have little use for it... I have little idea how to get the most money for it, but I'm guessing that eBay is the way to go?


  1. Your speed painting is better than most people normal work,including mine!
    They look fantastic to me(:

  2. Thanks. Mayb3 I ought to do a tutorial.. it's exceedingly simple!

    1. Hang in there buddy. We can do some Eastern Front action when you've finished ;-)