Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hill Men

I've painted these Warlord Celts up as Hill Men for my games of Lord of The Rings. I think I'll use Wild Men of Dunland stats for them.

Friday, April 26, 2013

More Trolls

This time a couple of trolls from Mithrill Minitaures

 I bought a lot of these during the 90'es and I still like them a lot. I think in a way that Peter Jackson has taken over Lord of The Rings and that other views of what Gondor, Rohan and Mordor troops might look like are squashed beneath the awesome marketing machine that is Hollywood.
So the Hobbit got me thinking that the trolls (Bill, Bert and Tom) just looked utterly wrong to me. The dwarves even more so. In essence I think I want to start using regular fantasy figures to play my games of Lord of The RIngs or Middle Earth games.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Intergalactic Space Police

I finally managed to finish off the ISP that I started painting last summer (!).

 They're for my retro sci-fi Adventures of Carl Blixt. I haven't played a lot yet, as it does not seem to be the genre that tickles the majority of people. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

And another one!

 I finished another troll. This time using some oil colours that I bought at the local super market.
 I used the oils for the metals and clothy bits only. Rest is acrylic as for the first troll.
Bebop and Rocksteady ready to rock out! Oh, yeah, the arms are interchangeable so I can chose spears/swords as I please.

Friday, April 19, 2013


 I painted a troll for my Isengard force
The miniature was painted 'top down', using almost only washes (diluted paints, not some games workshop or other product... I guess one has to state that these days) on a base coat of white misting over black undercoat.
Metal and rest was then added. Metal was a quick boltgun (old brand) with vermin brown wash, then boltgun again, black wash, boltgun, black vermin brown patches, fiery orange on top and then chain mail silver finish. All of these paints have different names these days but I can't be arsed to find out what they are.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Winter Shed and a Yeti Giant

I've built and paint a small habhut/shed of sorts. It's to go with my 15mm winter sci-fi setting of course. IN retrospect I should've chosen a different one of the 12 seed pod containers I've bought to make the shelter... this one was dented.

 The shed or shelter... Yay!
 The gigantic Yeti monster. It's a 28mm figure that I'll use as a giant.
 Look at that behind
 A small comparison with some of the other figures I've painted
The troopers were too busy chasing of the pestilent Yewoks to notice the lurker they'd brought with them...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

(Star Wars)^-1

15mm is turning out to be quite the treat for me. I'm really getting stuff finished and the size og games I want to play are just no issue in 15mm. (roughly 30-40 figures a side). In 28mm I would be months finishing what I finish in no time for 15mm. But well, OK, it is not the same, but I rather like it so far.
 Here are the Yewoks for my inverse Star Wars project (in collaboration with Dr. Zombie). Despicable small devilish teddy bears ready to wreak havoc on enemy walkers.

 And the Yetis here are fighting alongside the Yewoks in the battle against the Empire of Evil.

They even have terror birds to aid them

Nothing much to say about paint or rules yet. I intend to use Fireteam Andromeda which my friend Kasse wrote (go see his blog here: or