Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dark Age Huts

I have little or no terrain suitable for Dark Age gaming as it is so I'm going to try and create some over the next year. For starters I've built these huts.

 I made them from foam board with lolly sticks as wood.

 I added a bit of moss to the roofs (which are made from teddy bear fur)

All the roofs come off to cater for gaming inside the huts.

It was a bit fiddly to find out how to do the roofs, but I learned a lot.

First I tried cutting to pieces of fur and gluing them together so the fur would have the right direction on each side of the roof, but I later found that simply using a comb to comb the fur was much more efficient.

The fur then needed to be soaked in PVA diluted with water. This was also a bit problematic as the fur really doesn't take water solvated compounds... it just ran right through. But in the end I just increased the amount of PVA in the mix and I won.

I tried washing it with inks afterwards, but it didn't really stick or look like I wanted. The point of inks would be utilising the colour the fur comes in... but I wound up just splashing it all in a coat of DIY brown wall paint. Cheap and efficient.

Next up I need to do some rivers and a bridge. Maybe even a pig pen or something farmerish... 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

General Vogel and His Ride

When I was a kid I had taped Indiana Jones III: The Last Crusade on VHS and I probably saw it once a week (or day) for a very long period... haha.

In fact the reason I started diving into other subjects than Fantasy, Epic and (eventually) 40k was Indy. I guess it all got out of hand since then, but well, what can I say.

So, I bought this tank years ago from Jens of Pardulon Models. At that time he had phased it out and didn't produce it anymore but still had a copy lying around which he was kind enough to sell me.

I think I veered away from painting pulp because I never knew what to do with it. I just wanted to recreate my childhood visions of Indy and other pulp stuff (as it turned out my father had a huge collection of pulp books from the fifties that he left me).

Well enough talk. Here's the good genearl Vogel and the tank (or at least the one he borrowed):


 One could probably even use it for some WWI gaming. But I have my eyes on a certain scenario... hehe.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sheepish Chariot of Chaos

 I finished my chariot. I haven't actually glued the figures in place yet as I'm not really sure whether I want them like this or arranged differently. I see now that I forgot to add the string that's meant to go from the mouth of the sheep as handle.
 I went for an old school inspired look (I hope). It really is all inspired by the work of the likes of Michael Immig (Admiral Benbow of Lead Adventure) .
 I still have another chariot to do. And I'm still wanting to do it. Yay!

Gaming-wise I could see myself using this in games of CROM or maybe early Warhammer stuff (3rd edition - not so many models). 

Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Revenge of G.. Mork

I did this Space Ship for my Orks from Yx.

 I was good fun making the thing out of a shampoo bottle, a few lids and some espresso capsules.I hope you can live with the varnish. It comes off a bit glossy in the images. Still might give it a coat of satin. Basically the idea was to make it durable even though it was made from a shampoo bottle.

I went for a subtle military style camouflage pattern as I believe this is more fitting for retro 40k than the pang red business that goes on these days. Of course red is nice and I nearly did paint it red. 

 I'm probably going to add a bit more to it. I'm thinking of an antenna at the rear and some yellow colours to the 'eyes' around the hull.

 I'm not really a gamer so I have little idea what I want to use it for in Rogue Trader. I hope Sadomator will have an idea.

 Next I'm probably going to do a dinosaur with orks on it.