Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dark Age Huts

I have little or no terrain suitable for Dark Age gaming as it is so I'm going to try and create some over the next year. For starters I've built these huts.

 I made them from foam board with lolly sticks as wood.

 I added a bit of moss to the roofs (which are made from teddy bear fur)

All the roofs come off to cater for gaming inside the huts.

It was a bit fiddly to find out how to do the roofs, but I learned a lot.

First I tried cutting to pieces of fur and gluing them together so the fur would have the right direction on each side of the roof, but I later found that simply using a comb to comb the fur was much more efficient.

The fur then needed to be soaked in PVA diluted with water. This was also a bit problematic as the fur really doesn't take water solvated compounds... it just ran right through. But in the end I just increased the amount of PVA in the mix and I won.

I tried washing it with inks afterwards, but it didn't really stick or look like I wanted. The point of inks would be utilising the colour the fur comes in... but I wound up just splashing it all in a coat of DIY brown wall paint. Cheap and efficient.

Next up I need to do some rivers and a bridge. Maybe even a pig pen or something farmerish... 


  1. Great.
    And the moss on the roof is a nice tuch. Makes it come to life a litle bit more.

  2. Nice! Great terrain. If you are up for a bit of thievery, pocket lots of wooden coffee stirrers next time you are in Costa or Starbucks. They make great 28mm planking too.

    1. That's not a bad idea. The lolly sticks _are_ a bit too wide I suppose.

  3. Those are superb!! Good job!


  4. these are really nice. the moss is a good addition. looks great.

  5. Fantastic buildings, great work!!