Sunday, August 18, 2013

General Vogel and His Ride

When I was a kid I had taped Indiana Jones III: The Last Crusade on VHS and I probably saw it once a week (or day) for a very long period... haha.

In fact the reason I started diving into other subjects than Fantasy, Epic and (eventually) 40k was Indy. I guess it all got out of hand since then, but well, what can I say.

So, I bought this tank years ago from Jens of Pardulon Models. At that time he had phased it out and didn't produce it anymore but still had a copy lying around which he was kind enough to sell me.

I think I veered away from painting pulp because I never knew what to do with it. I just wanted to recreate my childhood visions of Indy and other pulp stuff (as it turned out my father had a huge collection of pulp books from the fifties that he left me).

Well enough talk. Here's the good genearl Vogel and the tank (or at least the one he borrowed):


 One could probably even use it for some WWI gaming. But I have my eyes on a certain scenario... hehe.


  1. That's very cool, I could use a few in 15mm, instead I made my own, you can see them here.

  2. Greate looking minis !!!

    Best regards Michael