Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beaten Pulp and Horisont V Gaming Convention in Silkeborg, Denmark

These guys are getting ready for Horisont V where I will use them in my game

I'm going to present a game at the Horisont V convention in Silkeborg Denmark, this 15th to 17th og November. Check out the home page here:

I recently painted a few Pulp pieces for a 'Pulp Painting Club' on the lead adventure forum. I've already shown Gen. Vogel but his compadres need to be shown as well.

She got spanked. Hard.

Miniature by Ramshackle Games. A freebie if you ever order from them.

Some Indian dude or other. I don't quite know what to use him for but I love Bob Murch's work. It's from the Pulp Figures company he runs.

General Vogel and his tank again in case you forgot.This model is by Pardulon Games and available from their webshop.

Vogel is from Artizan Designs.

Lastly I finished a few characters that have been 'getting finished' for ages. The quality of their paint jobs does not match those of the above, but I still think the figures came out OK.


 Usak Densit - Trusty servant of Jones

 Elaine Darrow

 Hansi Unterseer

Notice that I omitted the swastika from the armband of Stahlhelmet. Maybe I will add it later.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Evil That Robots Do

Design28, a company that is now gone, released these amazing automatons for their VSF line in the late naughties. The figures are now being produced by Black Pyramid Gaming.

 I tried to think of an interesting way to paint them, not involving bronze/brass. It seems to me that most people prefer bronze or brass for their automatons. At least in VSF.
 In the end I settled on an old recipe I used when painting the tracks of armoured vehicles:

1) Hull red
2) Dark grey
3) Lighter grey
4) Dark Metal
5) Sepia Wash
6) Dark Metal
7) Light Metal

All of it overbrushing of course. No fiddly going on... only around the visor.  That got a dark red, red, orange, yellow treatment. I then highlightet the edges of the visor with metal again.

 I also managed to fit in another old Design28 miniature. The Mycroft Holmes automaton. I'm of course going to rename it for my games.

Well, that's all for now. I've ordered the rest of the figures I didn't have already from Black Pyramid now. This will leave me with an army of Iron Men... which I never planned for! Now what to do with them?

Surrender, Earth Worms!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

World War 1: French and British Early War army.

Over the next few months I am apparently painting an early war French army. I will be mainly using Renegade Miniatures (due to price) and well supplement with a few British troopers as well.

Here are my first troops:

It's a quick job.

Recipe: I use a big brush. Paint on the basic colours (Vallejo blue grey, GW mechrite red, MIdlund Flesh etc) and then soak it in Vallejo sepia wash. After this I tidy up the colours again and drybrush Blue grey on the cloth. The flesh gets highlights with GW elf flesh. I add hair and moustaches in plain black.

I then spray the miniatures with gloss varnish and when it's dry I give them a coat of dull matt varnish.

The British were made in a similar way:

Sunday, September 01, 2013

A Slice of Croc

I really like crocodiles. So even if I don't play HORDES and I have no real intention to do it I love painting the gatormen of that range.

Here a few select pieces.

 Gatormen. These are the guys who turned me on to HORDES... again!

 A snapping turtle. What's not to love?!

 That was a 'Bull Snapper' and here's a bog trog:

I spent an OK amount of time on each, more than I would on normal playing pieces anyway but not overmuch. 

The techniques do not differ from the stock material so no real intention of delving into that.