Sunday, September 08, 2013

World War 1: French and British Early War army.

Over the next few months I am apparently painting an early war French army. I will be mainly using Renegade Miniatures (due to price) and well supplement with a few British troopers as well.

Here are my first troops:

It's a quick job.

Recipe: I use a big brush. Paint on the basic colours (Vallejo blue grey, GW mechrite red, MIdlund Flesh etc) and then soak it in Vallejo sepia wash. After this I tidy up the colours again and drybrush Blue grey on the cloth. The flesh gets highlights with GW elf flesh. I add hair and moustaches in plain black.

I then spray the miniatures with gloss varnish and when it's dry I give them a coat of dull matt varnish.

The British were made in a similar way:


  1. Might have been a Quick jobb but the result are greatet!!!

    Very nice paint job!

  2. Very effective and what a great result. Should get you an army soon, I guess. So what are you guys going to play now?