Sunday, October 20, 2013

Norman Crossbowmen

Kindly given to me by Janner from

Not the most fantastic paint job but I tried speed over quality. :-D

I'm quite happy to have finally found a way to photograph my miniatures so they look exactly like they look in real life without any added lighting or other shenanigans on the computer. 


  1. Very nice they look great.

  2. Looking very good !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. Looking good! What's your photo secret?

  4. Well for starters I put some greasepaper (for the oven) over the lamps (all three) to diffuse the light. Next I changed the background to blue instead of white and set my camera to 'standard' instead of 'vivid'. That sort of did the trick.
    With the white background my images turned out veeeeeery dark and hard to make out... I guess the reflection of the light was just too much to handle for my camera.