Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wizard and more Pulp

I finished an old Metal Magic Wizard for a painting challenge on

 The figure is one of the first I ever bought.. The original enamel paintjob was just painted over (never finished it... so it didn't really hurt).

He will now sub as my character Ingelbert Owllight in games of D&D Dragonlance which I've recently taken up again. 
Nothing much to add other than it was painted in an evening just before the challenge finished (after having had 6 weeks to do it........)

A couple of pulp dames more were also finished for Pulp Alley presentation game.

A 'she wolf' for the Kentucky game.


  1. Looking good mate! Last miniature remind me a bit about Ilsa......

  2. Beautiful paintwork, the wizard is looking great!