Monday, November 18, 2013

Little Annie and the Wolves

 When mum had left to see what was over the ridge she'd told little Annie to wait by the trolley and 'guard it'.
When mum hadn't come back for the night little Annie had cried her eyes out.
When finally something came over the ridge it wasn't mum.
It was 5 sleek grey bodies chasing down the hill.

More stuff for the Scavenge, Skirmish, Survive game. I think the little girl here is actually made using a regular woman head, so the features of the head weren't that child like. I didn't really appreciate this fact before after painting... so maybe not the best looking girl ever.
 Standard everything otherwise. Grey misting over black undercoat. Thin layers of colour on top.

 Horrible close up to show gritty details.
Shopping trolley. Tried to write 'Brugsen' which is the local super market here.

The miniatures are all from miniatureMOJO but the two the wolves at the back, which are from MegaMiniaures. (or whereever the hell they've wound up since)


  1. Greate addition to the collection, i'm sure age have a big Gun in that backpack.

  2. cool, err I mean very nice

  3. They all look superb. The head looks fine to me though.

  4. Beautiful and original! A great paintwork, and a very nice presentation too, I love the ice and the blue color!