Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week in Ork

 So, needless to say I've been painting Orks! There was a challenge on to make a goal and stick to it for January. My goal was 5 nobz, 2 snotling bases and a weird boy. The challenge have been completed.
I've decided to add names to all my Orks. They're completely individual anyway and I think it will make for even better battle reports.

 This Ork has a canister of laughing gas ready to... well, make him laugh maybe?
 A trusty old plasma blaster will certainly help him laughing too!

 Modern day mega nobz. Not fantastic sculpts but I rather like the moon side of things.
 M, O, O, N - that spells moon!


 Wong is the resident weird boy of power level 2.
 Another old classic sculpt. He's from fantasy though. 

 LAstly there's a couple of snotling bases. I love these. Initially I put 8 miniatures on each base (1 down from the intended 9) but it was simply too many to make it look good and not hide the buggers.

 A few detail shots of the blighters.

 Unlike the Orks the Snotlings are painted a bit less excessively... there are so many of them! So I start out with a drysbrush and wash to build on. I normally do not use drybrushing, but for these guys I think it works OK. I of course highlight again afterwards.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ork Encampment 1

My Orks needed somewhere to store their gear when they run out of enemies.

 Presented here are three tents. I'm planning a few more (mekaniak and runtherd's snot farm).

I really like the old dioramas that used to feature in Citadel books. They had loads of details and small vignettes happening here and there. I haven't added actual figures to this (yet) but I think it still tells a story.
 I thought the Orks would have found Smaug a truly impressive monster worthy of giving name to a truly impressive bomb.
 This one I imagine the Orks have liftet from an Imperial airplane of some sorts.. .the Orks probably haven't thought about the consequences of having a bomb like that lying around their camp...

 The Dok has his own workbench next to one of the tents. Interrogations and surgery is performed ad libitum by the skillful medical examiner aka Dok Wotsdat.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

More Survivors

Little Ronnie Frown
One of my three current projects - the Scavenge Skirmish Survive project is getting a bit more love these days as a Lead Adventure painting league in the Post Apocalyptic section is running.
I try to make the colours muted and the and avoid sharp highlights. Obviously there is a lot of washing and drybrushing going on too. I find these techniques are unbeatable for quick and easy dirtying/worn look.
 Biff Byford

 Mad Jonesy
The project goes on laboriously... If you need reminding the other two projects are 6 mm VSF in the Sudan and 28 mm Orks.