Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week in Ork

 So, needless to say I've been painting Orks! There was a challenge on to make a goal and stick to it for January. My goal was 5 nobz, 2 snotling bases and a weird boy. The challenge have been completed.
I've decided to add names to all my Orks. They're completely individual anyway and I think it will make for even better battle reports.

 This Ork has a canister of laughing gas ready to... well, make him laugh maybe?
 A trusty old plasma blaster will certainly help him laughing too!

 Modern day mega nobz. Not fantastic sculpts but I rather like the moon side of things.
 M, O, O, N - that spells moon!


 Wong is the resident weird boy of power level 2.
 Another old classic sculpt. He's from fantasy though. 

 LAstly there's a couple of snotling bases. I love these. Initially I put 8 miniatures on each base (1 down from the intended 9) but it was simply too many to make it look good and not hide the buggers.

 A few detail shots of the blighters.

 Unlike the Orks the Snotlings are painted a bit less excessively... there are so many of them! So I start out with a drysbrush and wash to build on. I normally do not use drybrushing, but for these guys I think it works OK. I of course highlight again afterwards.


  1. Ace looking Orks. Great names too.

  2. Anonymous26/1/14 11:34

    Awesome stuff!

  3. They all look excellent especially the first 3 nobz classic figs much prefer these versions of the space orks far more character.

  4. Excellent details :-)

  5. Just amazing. There is a certain flair to the old orks.

  6. Great stuff! Now paint the Shock Attack Gun!

  7. Awesome pair of slippers on the last Snotling!