Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mexico viva viva Santa Anna

 That good old show! I'm still trucking along the path and building a force of Mexicans to fight my Texians.

The paint job took a bit longer than expected, but that is how it goes with whites for me I guess.

I still need to paint the banna wava but I guess it'll be any day now.

The first Texian got a bit of colour too:


  1. Beautiful matter how long it took, the result is awesome!!

  2. Superb! Very, very impressive work as always.

  3. Anonymous14/3/15 00:49

    Texans and Texas.

    Not Texians and Texia... Apart from that awesome job !

    1. Thank you.

      "Texians (also known as Texasians, Texilingans, Texicans, and Texonian) were non-Hispanic white residents of Mexican Texas and, later, the Republic of Texas, i.e. settlers who were not part of the older Tejano population."