Sunday, August 10, 2014


More African madness from my end!

I'm speed painting a Zulu army! I always wanted one and now it's time. I actually think the Warlord Games Zulu figures are very good. Even if it is plastic.

Here's a look at the before and after:

It's quite a change. But it works nicely.

The miniatures were undercoated with a gloss brown (burnnt sienna or normal umber like colour).
They were then blocked out in the basic colours. Washed with black. Highlighted in block colours or similar (white was used to highlight the beige after wash). Skin was highlighted with a suitable watered down brown. A layer of dull cote was added on top to finish off.

The secret ingredient is the water based Army Painter black wash, that simply just works. I varnish it all afterwards.


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    1. Oh, didn't know 'zulu warlord' was on your cv now. ;-)