Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mexican Dismounted Regular Cavalry

Ahoy! The blog - it lives!

I've painted this batch of Mexican Dismounted Cavalry now. I'm really getting back to Mexico and it's all good. I was sidetracked by numerous other projects but my good friend janner inspired me to get things put in to a schedule so I can actually finish stuff.

This means that I will dedicate the rest of this year to my Mexicans, various Necromunda and Saxons. In 2016 I will start my Austrians (already did a proof of concept because I couldn't wait) to coincide with janner's Russians.

About the painting of the cavalry:

I started out with a grey undercoat and blocked in the basic colours. I went for the darker tones and then brushed on a gloop of armypainter Dark Tone all over.
Then after it dried (empty statement I guess) I highlighted the various colours. Normally I would have first put on the basic colour again, but I find that going straight to highlight gives better contrast which works better on the table.
In essence these are painted to look good on the table at 1.5 meters distance.

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