Saturday, January 02, 2016

Necromunda Outlanders - Snooke's Scavvie Crew

Necromunda was a great great game when it came out. I cannot count the hours of entertainment it has given me over the years. Suffice to say is that it is the game I keep going back to when things bore me. 

I never bought the scavvies when they were available but I always wanted to. 

Now I'm trying to stitch together a band of scavvies to play in a campaign with Ezekiel, Mørk and Jonas (of

I plan to make another 5 figures for the gang at least. 

This one is Manbat - a conversion meant to portray a flying mutant. The blunderbuss is a bad choice gaming wise but I thought it looked too cool. 


  1. Those are great, Manbat is fab :D

    Im annoyed with myself for not getting some Necromunda figures finished in 2015, it being the 20th anniversary and everything. Im going to get a few painted in 2016.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Great stuff, Manbat is really cool, the green woodgrain really works great on him also. :D

  3. Looking good - especially the manbat!

    I've found the blunderbuss to be quite handy for my scavvy gang - just a quick blast then charge in!

  4. I'll echo the others. The bat fig is brilliant. Any comments on the source of parts for him?

  5. Hurrah, just in time for the relaunch of specialist games ;-)

  6. I really love the ManBat, he's got a real Oldhammer look to him!

  7. Very nice. May they fare well in your campaign!